How I Met Your Mother’s Easter Eggs For The SuperFans

Last night’s How I Met Your Mother went crazy with the inside jokes and internet discoveries. There were at least three:

1. Ted’s “Dr. X” college DJ persona

The gang makes fun of Ted for including his college stint as a “top secret” college radio DJ at Wesleyan as the mysterious “Dr. X” on his resume at age 30. Dr. X has a website, too, looking straight out of the ’90s and featuring Josh Radnor’s Dr. X rants about sweatshops, the “jocktocracy,” and the Ivy League.

2. Lily’s Tummy

This wasn’t an “easter egg” per se, but it was pretty amusing that they included a subplot about Lily being a champion hot dog eater, showing her twice after winning a match. Alyson Hanigan is pregnant in real life, you see:

3. Barney’s Video Resume

Clearly inspired by Aleksey “Impossible Is Nothing” Vayner’s 2007 video resume fail, Barney showed the gang his own and mentioned it was located at It is. Here it is, too:

Every episode of every TV show should have at least one of these. For the nerds.