To Razzie The Love Guru You Have To Have Seen The Love Guru

Gabe Delahaye | January 21, 2009 - 9:48 am

It’s being reported this morning that Mike Myers’s The Love Guru has received the most nominations at this year’s Razzie Awards. From the AP:

Myers’ comedy flop “The Love Guru” led the field Wednesday for the Razzies with seven nominations, among them worst picture and worst-acting slots for Myers, Jessica Alba, Verne Troyer and Academy Award winner Ben Kingsley.

The number of nominations for “Love Guru” was appropriate given what a personal project it was for Myers, who not only starred but also co-wrote and produced the movie, said John Wilson, founder of the Razzies, an Oscar spoof that dishes out “dis-honors” for the lousiest stuff Hollywood dredged up the previous year.

Normally, I am of the opinion that the Associated Press, a news organization established primarily as an information resource, should refrain from editorializing on its subjects. In this case, though, I agree that the number of nominations for The Love Guru was “appropriate.”