You Know, We Could Have Found This Crude And Distasteful Even Without The Economic Collapse

Gabe Delahaye | October 28, 2008 - 2:38 pm

An article in Ad Age yesterday (via Film Drunk) points out some of the problems that the upcoming romantic comedy Confessions of a Shopaholic might face now that, you know, the economy is all like “PEACE OUT!”

People familiar with the production say that what could have been a valentine to brands and a love affair of soft marketing dollars now is causing some hand-wringing at the Bruckheimer bungalows. The Dow is repeatedly shown cresting 12,000 points. One character secures a massive credit line he doesn’t need just to show off how powerful he is.

Oh man, if we weren’t facing the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, a movie about a woman with a compulsive shopping addiction being sucked into a downward spiral of superficial signifiers of self-worth and offensive displays of excessive consumption would be HILARIOUS!

The children of Darfur say “This would have been a lot funnier two summers ago!”

Also, this is why marketing executives are the worst:

“I would play up the cartoon-y nature of it,” said one [marketing executive], “I mean, how can you make light of a girl being $9,400 in debt? You never saw “Sex and the City” as a show about love in the time of AIDS: They kept it light and presented this fairy-tale version of life. ‘Sex and the City’ doesn’t show the reality of what it’s like to be 40 without a man. It’s cotton candy.”

Um, aren’t all shows basically “a show about love in the time of AIDS” now? Unless we cured AIDS and I was too busy googling “watch fart baby accident” to notice, in which case, yay us! Also, shut up, marketing executives.