Who’s Buying All This Fool’s Gold?

After hitting the top spot for a week, The Bucket List slipped down to number three in DVD sales because everyone started buying Fool’s Gold?

Warner Home Video’s “Fool’s Gold” topped the national home video sales and rental charts in the week ending June 22, besting two other new theatrical releases that also arrived in stores last week.

The third spot on First Alert went to Warner’s “The Bucket List,” last week’s top seller.

What’s wrong with you guys? Cut it out! Stop buying all these Bucket Lists and Fool’s Golds. Why are you doing this?

“Because I like to think I used to resemble Matthew McConaughey back in the day. Don’t believe me? Ask my ex-wife!”

“Because I love to laugh.”

“I didn’t buy Fool’s Gold, but I would have if my husband let me leave the house.”

“Well, when I grow up, I want to move to Hollywood and dedicate my life to insipid nonsense, so I have to study the classics.”

“Kate Hudson reminds me of my ex-girlfriend, Chuckles.”

Next week: “Who’s Buying All This 10,000 B.C.?