Fast And Furious Creators Are Like “Just Name The Next One Whatever. Who Cares?”

USA Today has exclusive new pictures from the latest movie in the The Fast And The Furious franchise, coming out 2009 and titled what? Fast And Furious? Just Fast And Furious? So these are the names of the four movies, okay:

2001: The Fast And The Furious
2003: 2 Fast 2 Furious
2006: The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift
2009: Fast And Furious

According to the article accompanying the photos, the F&F movies do really well overseas. Director Justin Lin:

“I was in Barcelona, and a kid from Spain comes up and just says ‘Fast and Furious,’ ” Lin says. “It’s amazing how many kids know it.”

Little Spanish boys who don’t have a 100% masterful command of the English language yet are awesome, but there’s a reason they don’t name all of our movies for us.

Then Vin Diesel, who maybe-I-think named himself just for the first F&F movie, gives this quote about the movie’s inspiration:

“We were doing a movie about illegal racing before most people even knew how popular it was,” Diesel says. “How many franchises are that based on the real world?”

Good point. Might I suggest a title and concept for F&F4 that will stay true to both the franchise naming conventions and real-world basis? The Fast And The Furious: Tallahassee Food Lion Parking Lot Drift