Jackass’s 13th Step Towards Recovery From Drug Addiction Is A Kick To The Balls

Steve-O, one of the more masochistic and exhibitionistic members of the Jackass team of masochistic exhibitionists, has been in rehab since March, working through his struggle with alcohol and drug addiction. Good for him. But when you’re working through the 12 Steps, which are all about brutal self-honesty, the humbling submission to a higher power, and making amends, maybe the person to help you with that isn’t Johnny Knoxville. Dude’s kind of a dick. In a video that went up on the Jackass website last week, Knoxville kicks Steve-O in the balls as part of his 8th Step: “Made a list of all persons we had harmed, and became willing to make amends to them all.” Apparently part of Steve-O’s act (Steve-O had an act) was to invite people up on stage and kick them in the balls, but they never got to kick him in the balls, so this is his amends? Who’s Steve-O’s sponsor? GG Allin?

The video (via Street Carnage) after the jump. Apparently you can’t truly make amends with your underwear on, so it’s NSFW.

Whoops, that’s your rehab. I don’t want to get in the way of anyone’s recovery, and I know that addiction is a disease, but when the Big Book is talking about making amends to those you’ve harmed, I don’t think it’s referring to people who paid money to get kicked in the balls by Steve-O. Those people probably have their own issues to work on, starting with the Step where they admit to God and to themselves that they are powerless over their own stupidity, that their ability to not make horrible decisions has become unmanageable.