Bam Margera Should Go To Jail

Boing Boing wrote about a news story today in which two teenagers were found guilty of playing a “fire in the hole” prank in which they pulled up to a fast food drive thru window, ordered a large soda, and then yelled “FIRE IN THE HOLE” and threw the soda in the cashier’s face. Their sentence was 100 hours of community service, and the “poetic justice” of posting an apology video on YouTube (see the apology here.) But it’s not just those two idiots. Apparently this is happening all over the place. This is the shittiest prank, and everyone who pulls it should go to jail. I don’t care if the American prison system is overcrowded and biased towards minorities and poor people and can’t support an influx of minor criminals who’ve caused no serious harm. Put them in the dungeon. Service industry employees are just trying to get through the day and don’t need to deal with your bullshit just because you got bored after playing Medal of Honor 4 for 37 hours straight.

But this is not a mysterious trend that came from nowhere. It has a creator, and his name is Bam Margera, and he is horrible. Here is a compilation of stunts and pranks he performed for his CKY skate videos, the first of which came out in 1999, just before his work with Johnny Knoxville and Jackass. Please pay close attention to 2:11.

Bam Margera, when you are done celebrating your living legacy of anti-working class crime, I expect you will do the right thing.