Finally, something good outta Wisteria Lane.

Liz Phair – “Mother’s Little Helper” (MP3 link removed)

There are PLENTY of reasons not to buy this covers-heavy soundtrack cd (Indigo Girls’ “Mrs. Robinson,” Gloria Estefan’s “Young Hearts Run Free,” Martina McBride’s “Harper Valley P.T.A.,” etc…), but something gives me the feeling you aren’t the target demo.

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  1. Blu  |   Posted on Sep 13th, 2005 0

    “Just take off my string vest
    Let’s mess with
    Everybody’s miiiiinds,
    I gotta tell ya…”

    Nope, no soccer moms posting here, I’m afraid! But thank you for the Liz mp3.

  2. Yeah, this isn’t so bad. Maybe she should stick to covers these days?

  3. Megan  |   Posted on Sep 13th, 2005 0

    That is one of the worst covers I have heard and I like some artists to do covers. She made it sound almost…country. That is one of my favorite stones songs. I was just talking to my friend and saying that when I went to the concert that would have been one song I would have wanted them to play that they didn’t. That is a horrible cover in my opinion.

  4. Courtney  |   Posted on Sep 13th, 2005 0

    This is terrible! The purpose of a cover is for the artist to add something new and different to the song. Liz doesnt do either of these things. She doesn’t even try to make it “her own”. The original is so good on its own- its a shame Liz thought she could cover this tune.

  5. i love liz.

    i’m a field hockey mum…close enough to soccer, eh?

  6. liz phair gets worse every passing year.

    wha’ happened??

  7. crOwl  |   Posted on Sep 14th, 2005 0

    thanks for the sexy foto. liz phair somehow manages to come across as the jr. high slut and the nyc hip chick simultaneously.

  8. Scott, Scott, Scott…why you gotta hate on Indigo Girls?

  9. Dude, Indigo Girls haven’t been good in, like, 10 years.

  10. Even a cover can’t help Liz from her tailspin into pop oblivion. Next she’ll be sporting an ironic mullet, a Misfits t-shirt, and a yellow rubberband with “STRENGTH” written on it.


  11. Yeah, it’s kinda crap. When she speak/sings “What a drag it is, getting old,” I feel like the irony is lost on her.

  12. Yep, she’s phoning it in. If 10 years ago you’d told me it would come to this . . .

  13. adam  |   Posted on Sep 14th, 2005 0

    COUNTRY! Oh no! I like everything BUT country!

    Whatever the Stones are hacks who love country music and love phoning it in more than Liz Phair ever will.

  14. Megan  |   Posted on Sep 14th, 2005 0

    hey adam. the stones are not hacks who love country music. they are some of the orginials and put on a great concert. I went to it in Chicago and when they came out, I wanted to cry…I only have felt that way with two concerts…tom petty and the rolling stones. the artists you listen to are most likely influenced by the rolling stones. Liz Phair did a bad cover. That’s all. She didn’t make it original at all and probably made it a lost worse. The stones are awesome and its amazing that they can still rock hard and jump around for over 2 1/2 hours.

  15. I think it’s a fine cover. At least it doesn’t make me cringe they way the country version of The Eagles greatest hits made me cringe.

  16. John M.  |   Posted on Sep 16th, 2005 0

    I like it! I heard the whole album at VH1′s site, and it’s the best song on there.

  17. townclown  |   Posted on Sep 17th, 2005 0

    not bad. this could fit easily to her past work. you gummers (wtf), go head bop back to your kanye west. fools!

  18. pseudonihilist  |   Posted on Sep 17th, 2005 0

    I like it too. Given how open she’s been about her life, she’s a perfect ironic fit for the meaning of the lyrics, and of course there’s her own creative relationship to the Stones. But even without that, it simply sounds good. Finding this mp3 sent me on a revisit of about half of last year’s album. This old Liz fan thought it sounded pretty damn good. Don’t worry about Liz: she’ll be alright.

  19. musiclover  |   Posted on Sep 17th, 2005 0

    Not a bad cover at all. The comment that her style on this remake made it sound “country” may be justified, but listen to the original, the Stones’ version ALSO sounds pretty “country”. The Stones did ALOT of “country” sounding songs. Overall, I like this remake. And as for the future of Liz’s career, I’ve heard several tracks off her new upcoming album, and they are excellent!! REALLY looking foward to “Somebody’s Miracle” Oct.4.

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