Mac DeMarco Accepts Ryan Paris’ Offer To Collaborate

Tom Breihan | February 9, 2016 - 9:09 am

You might not know who Ryan Paris is. That’s OK. We’re here to fill you in. Paris is an Italian musician, who, in 1983, had a huge international hit with a dinky, fun synthpop track called “Dolce Vita.” Here’s the quintessentially early-’80s video:

One admirer of the song is slop-rock king Mac DeMarco. Back in 2014, DeMarco was the subject of a Pitchfork mocumentary called Pepperoni Playboy. At one point in it, he enthused about “Dolce Vita”:

Paris saw the video, and last month, he posted a video of his own, addressed to DeMarco. In the clip, he asks DeMarco (in charming broken English) for a collaboration: “Maybe we will do a remix of ‘Dolce Vita’ together”:

And as someone on Reddit points out, DeMarco has responded with a video of his own, saying that sure, he’s very interested in working with Ryan Paris:

And just like that, neither one of them is all alone in la dolce vita anymore.