I was never a fan of Fox’s Trading Spouses: Meet Your New Mommy until I saw the insane promos for season 2, in which Jesus freak Marguerite Perrin is shipped off to live with hippie astrologists in Boxborough, MA. Fox’s heavily typo’d recap details big momma Perrin’s inevitable breakdown, but you have to see the episode for the full effect. Reader David of the band Goes Cube was inspired enough to write a song.

I was told to send this to you by someone who is all about the online music stuff. We took Marguerite Perrin’s crazy Christian ranting and cut it up and put it to this casio/detuned guitar music. She ends up having an amazing punk rock scream. Look out Mars Volta. If Marguerite starts a prog metal band, she’ll out scream everyone.

Anyways, it started as a joke, but we posted it on a message board and it ended up overtaxing the bandwith.

It still is a joke. Our actual music is much better.

Thanks Dave. For your listening pleasure…

Marguerite Perrin – “Slagkicks (Ungodly Remix)” (MP3 Link Expired)

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  1. noelle maremont  |   Posted on Nov 11th, 2005 0

    Freakin’ brilliant

  2. Dustin johnson  |   Posted on Nov 11th, 2005 0

    Ahh, yeah thanks, this hits a little too close to home, thanks.

  3. brainville  |   Posted on Nov 11th, 2005 0

    Normally, I would dismiss her as a loon, but she is so freakin’ hot!

  4. tylernol  |   Posted on Nov 11th, 2005 0


  5. tell me about it … I totally want to sodomize this christian

    -j. duMont

  6. the best part is this ‘God Warrior’ took the Dark-Sided Gargoyle’s money. nicely done.

  7. Thanks for making a ytmnd site out of it!

  8. Oh. My. God. That ROCKS!

  9. can i get the lyrics for this hot joint?

  10. What a nutcase bitch. She’s seriously fucking insane. I loved that she kept the money though once the camera was off.

    Onward christian soldiers.

  11. Jeffrey  |   Posted on Nov 11th, 2005 0

    THANK YOU! The video is hilarious and I just about pissed my pants laughing at this song! You have given me much needed laugh-therapy. THANK YOU!

  12. janine  |   Posted on Nov 11th, 2005 0

    Sounds like My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult…

  13. That was amazing!

  14. the words follow. keep in mind, when you translate it from her psycho language, into english, slagkicks = “psychics” and gargyles = “gargoyles”

    God Warrior!
    God Warrior!
    God Warrior!
    In Jesus’ name I pray.
    Dark-sided stuff.
    In Jesus mame I pray.
    I want my God and I want my family…
    Tainted! Tainted! Tainted! Slagkicks!
    Everything’s ungodly!
    Everything’s ungodly!
    Tainted! Tainted! Tainted!
    The entire house is dark-sided, too!
    Not a Christian!!!!
    Slagkicks! (I want nothing; I want my God, and I want my family)
    Slagkicks! (I want nothing; I want my God, and I want my God and I want my family)
    Not a Christian!
    In Jesus’ name I pray.
    Everything’s ungodly!
    The entire house is dark-sided, too!
    I give it up to God; I’m a God Warrior!
    I’m glad you’re home.

  15. Blu  |   Posted on Nov 11th, 2005 0

    That episode went from shocking, to hilarious, to just plain sad… and back again!

    And of course she took the money… after the cameras left!!

  16. Brandon  |   Posted on Nov 11th, 2005 0

    Remix of the century.

  17. Monty  |   Posted on Nov 12th, 2005 0


  18. Monty  |   Posted on Nov 12th, 2005 0


  19. this was some of the best TV i’ve seen in years.

  20. thats what happen when you invoke the “WHOLEY SPEERIT”

  21. I can’t believe she’s sending an autographed picture. You would think she would be insulted by the talking figure. Although you would think she would be so embarressed by the way she acted on the show she would never leave her house again. Great song!

  22. Jonathan  |   Posted on Nov 14th, 2005 0

    This woman needs her own hardcore band POST HASTE!

  23. She’s gonna take the internet by storm. Mark my words. Do away with the Hamsterdance and Numa Numa. Here comes Marguerite! http://cgi.ebay.ca/12-Trading-Spouses-1-Buttons-Pins-Badges-God-Warrior_W0QQitemZ4794549332QQcategoryZ32997QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

  24. Giancoli  |   Posted on Nov 15th, 2005 0

    She scares me.

  25. If you are on Myspace, feel free to join my group about Marguerite Perrin at http://groups.myspace.com/margueriteperrin .

  26. Kylie  |   Posted on Nov 16th, 2005 0

    lol I would love for her kids to see the comments being made towards her.But chances of that happening is zero to none,seeing their mother just might think the Internet is ungodly.


  27. dark sided lover  |   Posted on Nov 16th, 2005 0

    MAN! Is she hot. I dream of hot steamy gargyle sex with her. Maybe stick it in deep between her fat flaps of her arms! Man, Im getting all hot and bothered! Wonder what I might be able to stick between that gap in her teeth. BOY, her husband is one lucky man! And to think she is the only woman he has had sex with. Once you hhad the best….you dont need the rest!

  28. Jen  |   Posted on Nov 16th, 2005 0

    This it too funny. I thought I was the only person who found this humorous. LOL Ah good times…

  29. For Perrin-lovers, check out this YTMND I made: http://darksidedcreation.ytmnd.com/

  30. lazyassinky  |   Posted on Nov 16th, 2005 0

    The other mom should have alloted the prize money to go towards mental health treatment.

  31. scott  |   Posted on Nov 17th, 2005 0

    this is the funniest thing i have ever ever ever heard in my life!!! margie is a wacko but made for great tv. someone should send her a copy of this!!

  32. We have officially launched the God Warrior Bobble Head’s Website!

    Check it out at http://www.godwarriorbobblehead.com!

  33. WTFNation  |   Posted on Nov 17th, 2005 0

    Someone’s GOTTA make a soundboard!

  34. Tanya  |   Posted on Nov 17th, 2005 0

    Did anyone else want to lock her in a room with satanists and leave her there?

  35. Marguerite Perrin  |   Posted on Nov 18th, 2005 0

    Hey everyone, I have a MySpace account now. Check out the Marguerite Perrin page.


  36. The White House just hired her as the new spokesperson. Seems they needed someone a little more straightforward than Scott McClellan.


  37. Shari  |   Posted on Nov 20th, 2005 0

    OMG, this was truly hyterical and I downloaded it! This is better than any comical song I’ve heard in a long long time!! She is one freak! Funny though how she kept that “tainted money”.

    LOL – thanks for the laugh.

  38. Tanisha  |   Posted on Nov 20th, 2005 0

    Amazing! Pure and simple…I love this!

  39. ryan  |   Posted on Nov 22nd, 2005 0

    I like this song better:

    the lady needs to form a screamcore band

  40. robin  |   Posted on Nov 22nd, 2005 0

    Absolutely the funniest thing I’ve heard in years. Excellent job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Paul  |   Posted on Dec 18th, 2005 0

    The mp3 link has expired- can you re-link?

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