So many great indie rock Christmas mixes from The Cool Kids™ this month. You’re probably drowning in Sufjan carols, roasting chestnuts by an Arcade Fire, etc…

But if you wanna be nice (Santa doesn’t give Nanos to naughty bloggers) here are free holiday sounds from bands we like:

  • Clem Snide – “Joy To The World”

  • Spiraling – “Do You Hear What I Hear/Baba O’Riley” (MySpace Stream)

    Via Comments…

  • OK, and this: Fifteen covers of Wham!’s “Last Christmas”!

    Add your Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanzaa audio links in the comments (like I had to ask).

    UPDATE: Do you want that SNL MP3 (I’ve got), or will video suffice (see comments)? Or … maybe you’ve got a “wonderful” hour to kill.

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    1. you left out Snowden’s rendition of “White Christmas” or “Christmas Time Is He”

    2. About three weeks worth of holiday MP3s can be found in these two posts:

      Plus, there’s a Peanut Butter Wolf mix you can stream:

      And DJ Riko has four Christmas mixes for download:

    3. I don’t have a link to it, but the best christmas song ever is “Christmas in Hollis” by Run DMC

    4. ounpuu  |   Posted on Dec 20th, 2005 0

      That SNL screen cap is such a tease. Can anyone link to video or audio of that song?

    5. Dan  |   Posted on Dec 20th, 2005 0

      I really like Heth & Jed’s song Christmas…Sweeter Than Wine. It’s very NYC ish and u can download it here: then scroll down.

    6. I haven’t seen Slade’s Merry X-Mas Everybody on any lists yet. Anybody know where it might be posted?

    7. Fred  |   Posted on Dec 20th, 2005 0

      I agree with ounpuu, someone link to the SNL cats.

    8. There is the Boy Least Likely To’s X-mas song, the little donkey (, as well as a little pin the tail on the donkey game.

      And also, this blogger posted Bright Eye’s “Have Yourself a Merry X-mas” as well as a few links to the other vile Christmas tune sharing blogs over at

    9. hey all!
      A record 3 original holiday hits got writ this season by your friend and mine: Me. And they’re all up for your ears right here One of ‘em called ;;christmas tree;; is on this years SSMHoliday Comp out now on the detroit indie suburban sprawl.
      ( )

      the others are Snow Patrol, which is possibly slightly too much about getting it on with siamese twins (although I dont think so)
      and Christmas Star, which is definitely too much about drowning. I can’t help it though! That Holiday Spirit just gets me everytime!!!


    10. I have a free and legal MP3 of le sport, montt mardié & mr suitcase covering “Last Christmas” and a link to more Scandi-indie-pop Christmas songs here.

    11. Homy  |   Posted on Dec 20th, 2005 0

      Here you go guys, the video for the SNL Christmas song with Horatio Sanz, Jimmy Fallon, Tracey Morgan and Chris Kattan

    12. ounpuu  |   Posted on Dec 20th, 2005 0

      Thanks Homy. That was delicious.

    13. I posted Patsy Raye And The Beatniks – Beatnik’s Wish last week:

    14. How about Tom Lehrer doing “Hanukkah in Santa Monica” — now that’s music!

    15. Here’s my 2005 mix that I’ve been giving to people in lieu of actual gifts. Steal away.

    16. I’ve played this so much I’ve lost my objectivity…but it’s my instrumental piano version of “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas,” based on the John Denver & The Muppets Version.

    17. Dylan Gaughan – awesome mix, thanks!


      Christmas is a time to get a lot of stuff.
      Take it from someone who was born on 12-25.


      “The Christmas Tree’s on Fire” mp3 mix featuring that rare Grandaddy Xmas song….you know, that rare one.

    20. Yah, not sure if my blog has anything that the other ones don’t (maybe it does) but here is the link for the Christmas zip mix:

      and the PS here

      …for those of us who just can’t get enough.

    21. Has anyone posted Crosby/Bowie?

    22. Bedroom Dancing  |   Posted on Dec 23rd, 2005 0
    23. youngbroose  |   Posted on Dec 22nd, 2008 0

      Yes. Yes. Yes. I’d love to have the mp3 of SNL’s Christmas Song. Do you still have it?

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