“WTF” was invented for moments like watching the Oscar-winning Gandhi actor get into the zone and make like Ian MacKaye in front of a simulated salad days D.C. hardcore audience for a lipsynced rendition of Minor Threat’s classic fight song: Look here and laugh. No idea how this came about because we don’t want to know — good enough that it exists.

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  1. way to hide the mouth + head.

  2. Chadams  |   Posted on Sep 17th, 2008 0

    I think I saw photos of this in the new issue of Mean. (It could’ve been Filter, but I think it was Mean.)

  3. LMFAO! Gayest fist pump ever. I like at the 1:30 mark he even does the Hulk Hogan “I can’t hear you” Hulkamania ear-cup.

  4. Check out Another State of Mind– I think BK copped some authentic MacKaye moves.

  5. anony moose  |   Posted on Sep 17th, 2008 0


  6. steve  |   Posted on Sep 19th, 2008 0

    I love Ben Kingsley and Ian MacKaye, but this is just fucking bizarre. Is Kingsley an actual fan of Ian and Minor Threat?

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