6/6/06. A great day for The Omen’s marketing folks, for sure. But did you know it was a national holiday? Saw this on a bunch of blogs…

Y’all wouldn’t hit a guy with glasses, would you?

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  1. jen  |   Posted on Jun 6th, 2006 0

    they wouldn’t even know you were coming, with the hair in the eyes and all

  2. Blu  |   Posted on Jun 6th, 2006 0

    Better stash your Bright Eyes CDs, and trade in that two-sizes-too-small striped sweater for an oversized football jersey!!

    (As if that’d help.)

  3. Haley  |   Posted on Jun 6th, 2006 0

    I honestly think one of those haircuts is a Beatle.

  4. there is a big kerfuffle in ottawa (CANADA) about this photo because the one on the top left is from a photo of a boy who died of LEUKEMIA about a month ago

  5. I'm Right  |   Posted on Jun 7th, 2006 0

    i love kerfuffles.

  6. magnumforce2006  |   Posted on Jun 7th, 2006 0

    what the fuck is a kerfuffle?

  7. dickens  |   Posted on Jun 7th, 2006 0

    wait, ottawa is in canada?

  8. corey  |   Posted on Jun 7th, 2006 0

    No, it’s in CANADA.

  9. those are CANADIAN MULLETS!


  10. Kevin  |   Posted on Jun 7th, 2006 0

    Wait, how would they figure that that was the kid with lukemia. He doesn’t even have a face.

  11. 3xWes  |   Posted on Jun 7th, 2006 0

    well, at least the blondes are safe.

  12. Phil Urich  |   Posted on Jun 7th, 2006 0

    No true emo kid leaves their blonde hair unblackened. Light-coloured hair is just too cheery.

  13. i would love to beat down some emo kids. actually give the little pricks something to whine about.

  14. i bet the guy posting this has one of those haircuts. come on buddy, just admit it. oh, and you…the guy posting a comment after me. you have one of those haircuts too. it might not have the EXACT placement as one of the ones in the drawing. yeah…you. you’re sorta feeling a bit uncomfortable right now, shifting your hair a little bit and trying to mess it up…but….it’s now looking like one of those other drawings. you’ll get over it. once you graduate high school you’ll realize that hair is not the most important thing in life. when you’re 95 you’ll think to yourself, “why did i waste all of that time worrying about my hair? sure, it made me look cool, like i was in a rock band or something. but when i was photocopying at my temp job, nobody looked at me. now i’m retired from all of that and nobody looks at me now. they just clean up my urine for me in my bedpan.”

  15. mia  |   Posted on Jun 7th, 2006 0

    The second one from the top left is paul. I can forgive the beatle cut, but the rest are pretty lame.

  16. sdfsd ROFLMFAO!!!!!!!!!! just let me go fix my hair quick. LOLOLOLOLOL

    you read us like open books my friend.

  17. who  |   Posted on Jun 7th, 2006 0

    who is the boy that died? that is really sad

    obviously nobody cares about that when they are on an emo hair witch hunt

    why does anyone care what anyone’s hair looks like
    so pointless

  18. james  |   Posted on Jun 7th, 2006 0

    your comments read like this:

    “your hair makes me mad.”
    “i’m going to hurt you because you dyed your hair.”
    “i take too much interest in what you do and how you look.”

  19. yup…

  20. Smile  |   Posted on Jun 7th, 2006 0

    Can you post something of substance, please?

    I bet half of the people who read this blog, or better, have a similar haircut, but with blonde/red/blue/white/purple highlights, for goodness sake. Back in the early 90′s they were wearing flannel. What do you expect when many people toe some sort of faux-bohemian line and don’t even like the music they are pretending to enjoy?

    • The Shocker  |   Posted on May 27th, 2008 0

      Many of the kids who were wearing flannel were also wearing combat boots. The 90′s, especially the early 90′s genre, were still kicking ass and taking names. Nowadays the Emo’s are too busy whining, complaining, crying and trying to commit suicide because they can’t handle the stresses of their lives. C’mon, you see kids in Third World countries living in shit conditions with no iPod, myspace or a radio and they’re not Emo. Fast forward a few years and those same Third World country kids are either trafficking drugs, humans, became successful in their lives or ended up dead. Ungrateful little bitches trying to make a statement about the sorrows in their lives. Suck it up, grow a pair (for the guys) and face your challenges head on!

  21. shut up  |   Posted on Jun 7th, 2006 0

    Except half the bands you blog about have haircuts like that. Dur. Punching people in the face because of their hair is kinda nazi-like, don’t you think?

  22. Smile :-)  |   Posted on Jun 7th, 2006 0

    Touche, shut up. Touche.

  23. ok then  |   Posted on Jun 7th, 2006 0

    who gets so concerned about other peoples haircuts?
    Fucking losers i bet…

  24. Tom's Cockring  |   Posted on Jun 7th, 2006 0

    Yeah, no violence is warranted. It’s just a dumb joke. But those are pretty dumb fucking haircuts.

    On that, we can all agree!

  25. Kevin  |   Posted on Jun 7th, 2006 0

    I want to know how the hell they figured that that kid was the same lukemia boy.

  26. Jack  |   Posted on Jun 7th, 2006 0

    I just realized I had commented on the thread scott linked to. From the looks of it discussion of emo haircuts leads to some of the most obnoxious threads I’ve ever seen. People should laugh at this a move on.

  27. manc  |   Posted on Jun 8th, 2006 0

    OK, I just realized I am way too old for this blog. I’ll get me coat…

  28. collin  |   Posted on Jun 8th, 2006 0

    i remember when those douche bag kids started showing up at shows in about 96 in their sisters jeans dancing like they were retarted and being electrocuted at the same time….my friend turns to me and said-since whern did hardcore kids start caring about hair care products…ive been wondering this ever since

  29. Oh I have one of those haircuts too. Near my anus. Combed sideways, with a tiny bleach running down my left anus rim.

    Please do not punch me there.

  30. the idiot  |   Posted on Jun 8th, 2006 0

    i used to have the dead kid’s haircut, which in the uk we call indie hair (more specifically- it’s called the ‘bloc-head’ after the bloc party guitarist) , then some american bird asked me if i was “emo”.

    i now have a morrissey quiff instead.

    what haircuts do other stereogum readers have?

  31. Sam  |   Posted on Jun 8th, 2006 0

    I feel old when i see these gay looking yougsters with their wild hair. One day they’ll look back and laugh at themselves and asd, “what was i thinking?”

  32. Kevin  |   Posted on Jun 9th, 2006 0

    Its not the hair. Its the hair…eee. and what type of music they like.

  33. hahnsolo  |   Posted on Jun 9th, 2006 0

    the photo and the haircut controversy that follows; isn’t that just giving into more judgmental bullshit based on hipster/scenester/i’m cooler and older than you nonsense? i think it is weird and discomforting when very young kids give into music genre-based aesthetics, but i’d still prefer any of those haircuts anyday opposed to whatever the haircut norm is now or from before. but then again, the beatle-swoop thing sure seems like it’s growing as the norm.

  34. Evan  |   Posted on Jun 9th, 2006 0

    I thought they were Beatle-cuts when I first saw them too. They’re hard to identify without the sullen-looking, eye-liner-wearing faces to go with them.

  35. Ya all i have to say is leave the emo kids alone i dont see the problem all you guys are trying to fit in with the rest and join to the stupid jokes you make. And if emo kids are dipressed and act strange and are a bit stange let theem be for we dont know for sure why they do the things they do. YA i did leave my email because i dont care if you come yell at me or make fun of me i am not emo. I like the punk side ya. and maybe i did leave my real name because i am not afraid. SO i really just wanted to say whats the big point. We should be hear to help them for the love of God.. No really God is the real one we should be following and praying that maybe he could give us humble hearts and also we should really be careful with what we say. Ya i am not emo but i dont see a major problem with it. Bye all conformity is not right. yes i know that this does purtain to some emo kids so God Bless!!!

  36. magdalena  |   Posted on Jun 11th, 2006 0

    in germany, emo is quite popular. two years before they were the ideal little skatepunks who listened to blink 182 and pennywise. the next thing was emo and so they buy their black “from first to last”-t-shirts and their black hoodies. it´s just a trend, no one is sad or depressed but pretends to be, at least on myspace. i´m wondering if anyone takes this whole thing serious? to me, it´s just another youthculture.

  37. emo babbit  |   Posted on Jun 11th, 2006 0

    go to hell..all of u! u have nuffin better to do i bet ya! f*kin metros!!!!! piss off.. we have a right to be emo ok? you metros are sick of ur own live’s too…admit it..that is why you beat the crap outof us every chance you ge. LEAVE US ALONE!!

  38. emo babbit  |   Posted on Jun 11th, 2006 0

    go to hell..all of u! u have nuffin better to do i bet ya! f*kin metros!!!!! piss off.. we have a right to be emo ok? you metros are sick of ur own live’s too…admit it..that is why you beat the crap out of us every chance you get. LEAVE US ALONE!!

  39. fuck you emo-haters  |   Posted on Jun 11th, 2006 0

    you people are stupid in thinking that you have to go around bullying perfectly fine emo kids and their sick haircuts…so what? who cares? worry about yourself and not others….let them be who they are or want to be and leave them alone…one of these days you’ll fuck with an emo kid and they will beat the living shit out of you. oh what fun that would be. then you would respect.

  40. Emogurl  |   Posted on Jun 12th, 2006 0

    Even though a lot of emos just like the look, a lot of us actually are depressed so keep that in mind next time u diss on emo kids. Another reason we’re emo? cuz we dont wanna be fags like u

  41. Daniel Griffiths  |   Posted on Jun 13th, 2006 0

    why the fuck do you all hate chavs and wanna hit them, im a emo, that mean u going hit me 2, well im so scared, you all like fucking chavs, thinking they hard and saying all emos are depressed and slit there wrists…well i tell you most of us dont slit our wrists, its everyone else that does and whats wrong with our hair cuts, they are like the best looking hair cuts and why chavs so bothered??? us emos have done nothing wrong to anyone and are always picked on, but i say us emos take a stand, im tired of chavs and everyone else taking the p*ss out of us for no reason becuase its them that have the boring depressing lives and only way they have fun is to pick on others, im tired of it and me and my emo mates are going for a fight witht the chavs, chavs always come hit emos like 10 chavs vs 1 emo and its unfair, i have loads of sh*t at school becuase im a emo so i came up to a chav that wanst hit me and told him “if you wanna hit me then get it f*cking over with so that you can get along with your sad f*cking life and leave me alone” he chicken out and didnt hit me so chavs are f*cking cowards, EMOS RULE

  42. EMO 4 LIFE  |   Posted on Jun 13th, 2006 0

    Yeah leave us emo kids alone!!!We do nothing to u but u come hit us and slam us into lockers for no damn reason.whats your problem with us we don’t to anything to you.FUCK THE EMO HATERS!!!!!!!

  43. Derek  |   Posted on Jun 16th, 2006 0

    I found the comments hilarious since no one who commented seemed to know anything about what emo really is.

    But anyway, we “emo’s” (don’t let me ever refer to myself as that again) are “sissies”. You’ve got that right. I for one will tell you right now, idiot neanderthal male aggression is overrated, and in pretty much every case well…stupid. I sounded redundant, but you catch my point.

    Whatever, you all just showed your “vast intelligence”. It doesn’t take that long to even google the word emo and find out none of you know what you’re talking about.

  44. emo hayley101  |   Posted on Jun 17th, 2006 0

    fuck all u emo haters! gosh what right do u have to make our lifes hell, yeah so we dont look like u, but if this is the way all u act then who the F##k would wanna be just like all u pathetic losers.
    yeah i left my name and addy cuz u dont scare me so send me all the abuseive amails, is it going to afect me? no! cuz were better than that. You all must live sad lil lifes, what kick do u get out of bagging other people out.
    Yer im emo and im proud of it! but what are you? a loser!
    for all u emo’s out there dont take any of these people’s shit, F##k them!
    love haylz

  45. Georgia  |   Posted on Jun 18th, 2006 0

    People really beat you up for being emo? I thought it was all a lil tongue in cheek… The reaction shows its a tender issue.

    I’m a sociology major at uni, and my faculty coordinator does a lot of subculture research…

    If any of you (emo or no)could send me your ideas of what ‘emo’ really is- Is it more than a musical subculture?

    + Material aspects that carry meaning- such as clothing, hairstyles, music etc
    + Language- any language or non verbal communication specific to emo culture.
    + Values- standards of behaviour in social interraction, self-view in terms of how being emo fits in with society as a whole, and how society is viewed by people who consider themselves emo.

    All of it would be anonymous, and the purpose is to document, analyse, and understand not judge. Send any response to my email address…

  46. Lin  |   Posted on Jun 18th, 2006 0

    Why are you all defending yourselves over the internet? 666 is over. Get on with your lives. Don’t be so offended over the internet, stop fighting with people whom you don’t know. “diee emo kidz!!!1212″ Okay if you want them to die so badly, go shoot one. Stop bothering people you don’t know. Pointless, and that is understated.

  47. SocialExpatriate  |   Posted on Jun 19th, 2006 0

    Ok, emo kids, let’s get real. Really real. There’s a lot of GOOD reasons to hate you, honestly.I’m starting a list, everybody pile on.

    1. Superiority/Inferiority Complex
    The typical Emo kid in his abberant mind believes that while he is harassed, unloved, and shunned by the general public he is also superior mentally, more physically attractive and/or spiritually inclined to compensate for this weakness. See also, Delusions of Grandeur.

    2. “Non-Conformity”
    Believing that he is not part of typical “corporate” or “normal” society, the goddamn emo kid sets himself apart from “society” in the belief that this will be a haven, a change for the better. In truth, the emo kid brings all his psychotic baggage BEFORE he was an emo kid to all the other emos with their own baggage, creating their own distinctly flavored clusterfuck for the masses. Emos change their dress to another mass produced style and think themselves “counterculture”.


    p.s. worst of all yer music sucks more than Bolton/Manilow/Sinatra double album. That goes for radiohead AND Coldplay too.

  48. Pippa  |   Posted on Jun 20th, 2006 0

    U little cunt they are the best ppl ever…have you even ever talked 2 one. dont judge a fuckin book by its cover. Emo kids are sorted. Yea am not an emo am a chav but still i like em. YOU CANT TELL ANYONE HOW TO DRESS,ACT OR WHAT TO DO SO DEAL WITH IT AND IF YOU CANT YOU HAVE GOT SERIUS PROBLEMS DUDE. one day you will hit an emo and they will hit you straight back to see how you like it. you think you all can walk around hittin ppl n tellin em wot 2 do well love you cant. Never mind wot u think of them, imagin wot they think of you. am sure its worse n just remember theres always sum bugger and tougher out there than you. (i am normally i very violent person but when it cums to ppl callin emos…i handle it with a fukkin crowbar) c ya X0 p!pP@

  49. nin  |   Posted on Jun 20th, 2006 0

    i think it’s extremely pathetic how you have to stereotype others because you think you are so god damn perfect… take a look in the mirror… a haircut doesn’t define a person… neither does a stereotype… people are made up of alot more than their outer layers… this is why the world is going so bloody crazy because noone can except each other any more… maybe one day you will realise that if you judge then you too will be judged…

  50. jebus  |   Posted on Jul 18th, 2006 0

    I don’t know what’s worse… The fact the author of this article and half the idiots that posted about it don’t even know
    1. What the fuck emo is

    2. Where the fuck emo even started

    3. Placing everybody including jay-z into the emo catagory…

    Way to go for setting us 40000 years back. What should we all get flobee haircuts just to make you happy? dumbass i rather have my hair long then spiked up like some pansy fuck or have a bowl cut right in the middle of my forehead.I can only imagine what lame ass haircut you have hahahhahahhahahaha

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