Radiohead’s “Reckoner” got a video earlier this month. Before that, a ton of remix contestants. Courtesy of DJ Earworm, the track now gets to share space with that other frequently talked about single — Ellen-approved, auto-tuned “Love Lockdown.” We have “Reckoner Lockdown” in audio and visual form. The video mashes Kanye’s monochromatic apartment and African dancers with Clemont Picon’s Radiohead aniboom-winning animation, sp(l)icing up the place a bit.

The video mashup’s by Instamatic. DJ Earworm’s more portable form:

While we’re on “Reckoner,” Diplo updated his previously posted remix. It’s called “Reckoner v2.0 (Diplo In A Train Wreck Mix).” The explanation:

before I went to australia i was asked to remix reckoner.. so I was goin back and forth with the band on a version and was almost done.. but it got leaked as a demo.. no big deal.. i still got votes up on the radiohead thing as an official mix … i eventually mixed it down….

so I got that to the label but kept workin on the mix.. eventually i came up up with something else even.. i really like it too, a lil more clubworked in the end.. the originaly idea was to make the biggest drum break of all TIME! but then it got scarey.. so here is the tame kangaroo version.. also theres a very nice picture of me throwin up gang signs behind thom york.

The song:

Maybe the world doesn’t need another “Reckoner” remix, but that was fun.

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  1. I’d rather hear about Diplo than Kanye. Diplo has talent.

  2. dafs  |   Posted on Oct 13th, 2008 0

    This is superior to the original version of Love Lockdown.

  3. so much bear.

  4. gaby  |   Posted on Oct 13th, 2008 0

    dj earworm always has good mixes…

  5. the bass early in the diplo mix is taken straight from nantes by beirut.

  6. the song from Kanye West really great but the remix is so much better!

  7. This song is really superb. My favorite for this year.

  8. That video reminds me at Lady Gaga. The same “funny” styling…

  9. I love this video from radiohead, a little bit crazy … but cool stylezzz

  10. radiohead is really cool.

  11. this is cool, I love Radiohead. For me one of the best Bands ever.

  12. That is nice I love it. The video WOW :)
    nice day

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