Stereogum Range Life 2010

South By Southwest is nearly upon us, and as you may have expected, we’re in the mood to celebrate. We even got a new outfit for the occasion. Or really, got an occasion for the new outfit: After laying low last year in Austin and coming to your parties, we hope you’ll come to ours. Right or wrong, it’s all that we can do. Welcome to Samsung Presents… Stereogum Range Life 2010.

Stereogum’s official SXSW party goes down Saturday 1-5PM at the Parish on N. 6th St. We’re flying in Ben Gibbard to perform a solo set, and he helped us pull together a bill featuring ascendant Brooklyn-via-Bay Area dudes the morning benders, winsome Merge duo Wye Oak, and some awesome silkscreen posters by thebirdmachine.

RSVP info and attendant details forthcoming. For now, stay tuned here and over @stereogum for the update. New outfits optional.

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  1. Sweet! Nice work, guys!

  2. Thanks to Jay at TheBirdMachine for the puppety oddball silkscreens. I have to check how many were printed, but maybe we will give some away to readers if you guys want?

  3. Also Texans: now taking suggestions for free foodz… ideally w/ vegetarian options for Mr. Singh?

  4. So…nobody 21 and under will be allowed in, for sure? That’s a bummer; I’m 19 and I was hoping to go…

  5. can’t wait for this…what a dope bill!!! and gorgeous poster.

  6. Come to Los Angeles

  7. great line-up! looking forward to this. i hope Ben will play some of the stuff off ‘One Fast Move or I’m Gone’!! the poster is wonderful, would love a copy over here for sure…

  8. Is this badges only or is it open to the public?

  9. I am ready for the RSVP information now! Hit me.

  10. I’d most definitely like one of them posters. Jay Ryan slays.

  11. Id love a poster! When can we expect the RSVP info???

  12. This looks fantastic!! Is there an email I can send a question to? I have an awesome Female-fronted rock band from Los Angeles, CA to propose to add on the bill :D Thanks a lot! – Lyn

  13. I am ready for the SXSW already!! So when is the RSVP coming out….I’m soooo ready!!! Thanks, u guys ROCK!!!!!

  14. Where can we get the RSVP info please?! If we have a badge, do we still need to RSVP?

  15. Awesome. 6th Street runs east-west, btw…

  16. This sounds awesome guys. And cool posters. Please save a spot for me!

  17. Can’t wait!! When can we rsvp?

  18. Does rsvp start at a specific time today?

  19. So, I’m camping out here trying to get an RSVP…

  20. I’ve been camping too! I can’t miss the show!

  21. Wow can this please open? :(((

  22. yes, anxiously awaiting rsvp for the best week in austin, especially with great bands and free alcohol.

  23. I’m about to go into class! Don’t stet without me!! Save me a spot!

  24. **start ha ha

  25. What time do RSVPs open up?

  26. I think it opens at 3 pm eastern time (2 pm austin time)

  27. Dammit, I checked earlier no RSVP up yet, went to take a test, checked, and now it’s closed. :(

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