Drew Danburry - "The Religion Of Me" & "Edited"

What better way to get acquainted with Drew Danburry than to hear the first two tracks from his sixth album Goodnight Gary. Right, album six. The singer, songwriter, nonstop tourer (750 shows since 2005), and seemingly downcast jokester/self-archivist is also planning a companion record Goodnight Dannii, which brings the count to seven. Danburry’s been doing his thing for about eight years, ostensibly in Provo, Utah. (Or at least that’s where he’s currently residing.) I’ve put the songs in the order they appear on the record because they sound best that way: “The Religion Of Me” is a quiet acoustic exposition and “Edited” opens out to other voices assisting Danburry in his late-night retelling of a bloody dream. Like the latter’s title suggests, each of these is a snippet.

Goodnight Gary is out via Emergency Umbrella. It includes a song called “You’re Blocking The Doorway And Your Intimidating Shadow Is Disallowing Me From Joining With The Light.”

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  1. Stoked to see this here!

  2. Drew is great and prolific. He’s one of my favorite musicians here in Utah. He’s good live, too.

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