Born Ruffians Say It Album Art

When I talked to Born Ruffians’ Luke LaLonde about writing Say It, he said the title referred to being more direct with family, friends, and band mates, saying what he meant and “being a dick.” “Sole Brother” addresses his family over a skeletal track: “Sometimes I wish … that I was … an only child.” It’s backed with parental demands (“Go and help your grandfather”) and complaints about sisters not helping out with chores. Is this the kind of stuff that makes you a dick in Canada? Canadians are so nice. He probably lost sleep over calling out his grandpa.

Say It is out 5/31 on Warp Records.


01 “Oh Man”
02 “Retard Canard”
03 “Sole Brother”
04 “What To Say”
05 “The Ballad Of Moose Bruce”
06 “Higher & Higher”
07 “Come Back”
08 “Nova-Leigh”
09 “Blood, The Sun & Water”
10 “At Home Now”

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  1. great song

  2. Awesome! They played this on Daytrotter ages ago – – the riff always reminded me of Cliff Richard’s Summer Holiday (good thing).

  3. I found this song to be a complete bore and the lyrics to be a little embarrassing.

  4. Where is the bouncy Spiky Born Ruffians??!?! I am a Big supporter of these guys. Seen em twice in the UK but I will not be going again if the whole new album sounds like this. The recent stuff on their myspace was good but i guess that aint being used

  5. I can’t believe someone could dislike this song, that guitar riff is pure smile-inducing

    • It’s just my opinion. I love them, but for me, the song and the riff isn’t a progression or even ‘more of the same’ its just boring. It does sound like ‘summer holiday’ and that is definately a bad thing

  6. This song reminds me of fall and school for some reason. Its good to hear that they’re changing.

  7. I do like this band, and I don’t find the song boring at all, but i have to agree that the lyrics are embarrassing.

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