Pavement 2010 Reunion Begins

Pavement launched their reunion tour today at Auckland Town Hall in New Zealand. There’s a 13-hour time difference between Auckland/Brooklyn, so the show already happened. Since we’re here: Honestly, I’d been kind of lukewarm on the reunion thing because I’m generally lukewarm on reunion things (I didn’t bother buying tickets for the NYC shows at first, for instance), but after listening to Quarantine The Past last week and flashing back to all the lengthy, personal, faux Lester Bangs reviews I wrote about Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain, Watery, Domestic, and Wowee Zowee for the school paper (I didn’t know where their offices were in time for Slanted & Enchanted), I remembered/realized/felt how important this band was to me at some point. (I think I was hooked by the time I hit “Range Life.”) That was one thing — because nostalgia is a motherfucker — but more importantly, I remembered many great, affecting songs they’ve written. Sure, the context is gone, but whatever — Judging from the set list from today’s show, that doesn’t matter so much. Also, there were just some more American dates announced, Georgia.

“In the Mouth a Desert”
“Trigger Cut”
“Elevate Me Later”
“Shady Lane”
“Father to a Sister of Thought”
“Rattled By the Rush”
“Summer Babe”
“Kennel District”
“Silence Kit”
“Range Life”
“Stop Breathing”
“No Life Singed Her”
“Fight This Generation”
“Date w/ IKEA”
“Box Elder”
“Gold Soundz”
“The Hexx”
“Give it a Day”
“Cut Your Hair”
“Spit on a Stranger”
Conduit for Sale!

These came via Nathan who notes that the above are what you’ll find on a photo of the set list, but that “another source” says they also did “Loretta’s Scars” and “Here.” There a a bunch of other shows to figure this out:

03/04 – Sydney, AU @ Enmore Theatre
03/05 – Sydney, AU @ Enmore Theatre
03/05 – Sydney, AU @ Enmore Theatre
03/06 – Meredith, AU @ Golden Plains Festival
03/07 – Adelaide, AU @ Thebarton Theatre
03/08 – Northbridge, AU @ Metro City
03/10 – Brisbane, AU @ The Tivoli
03/12 – Melbourne, AU @ Palace Theatre
03/14 – Melbourne, AU @ Palace Theatre
04/07 – Tokyo, Japan @ Studio Coast
04/08 – Tokyo, Japan @ Studio Coast
04/10 – Osaka, Japan @ Zepp
04/12 – Nagoya, Japan @ Zepp
04/18 – Indio, CA @ Coachella
05/04 – Dublin, Ireland @ Tripod
05/05 – Glasgow, UK @ The Barrowlands
05/07 – Paris, France @ Le Zenith
05/08 – Amsterdam, NL @ Paradiso
05/10 – London, UK @ Brixton Academy
05/11 – London, UK @ Brixton Academy
05/12 – London, UK @ Brixton Academy
05/13 – London, UK @ Brixton Academy
05/15 – Minehead, UK @ All Tomorrow’s Parties
05/18 – Brussels, Belgium @ Ancienne Belgique
05/19 – Berlin, Germany @ Astra
05/20 – Prague, CZ @ Palac Akropolis
05/21 – Vienna, Austria @ Arena Vienna
05/22 – Munich, Germany @ Muffathalle
05/24 – Rome, Italy @ Atlantico
05/25 – Bologna, Italy @ Estragon
05/28 – Barcelona, Spain @ Primavera Club 09
05/30 – Seattle, WA @ Sasquatch Music Festival
06/19 – Toronto, ON @ Olympic Island
06/25 – Berkeley, CA @ Greek Theatre
07/04 – Roskilde, Denmark @ Roskilde Festival
08/12 – Oslo, Norway @ Oya Festival
08/14 – Gothenberg, Sweden @ Way Out West Festival
09/21 – New York, NY @ Rumsey Playfield/Central Park
09/22 – New York, NY @ Rumsey Playfield/Central Park
09/23 – New York, NY @ Rumsey Playfield/Central Park
09/24 – New York, NY @ Rumsey Playfield/Central Park
09/09 – Broomfield, CO @ First Bank Center
09/11 – Kansas City, MO @ Uptown Theater
09/12 – St. Paul, MN @ Roy Wilkins Auditorium
09/17 – Philadelphia, PA @ Mann Center for the Performing Arts
09/18 – Boston, MA @ Agganis Arena
09/26 – Atlanta, GA @ The Tabernacle

Pavement 2010 Reunion Begins

We nabbed the photos from Piero.

UPDATE: Now with YouTubes

Bits of “Shady Lane”/”Range Life”/”Unfair”/”Stop Breathin’”/”Gold Soundz”/”Cut Your Hair”/”Spit On A Stranger”

Stage banter/”Silence Kit”

“Range Life”

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  1. here was played instead of hexx since malkmus didn’t wear his glasses.

  2. Auckland town hall isn’t in Australia.

  3. I would’ve preferred to have seen a complete video of Silence Kit instead of stage banter. Were Flight Of The Concords the openers on this particular show by any chance?

  4. Hi Brandon,

    I appreciate the mention of the fansite that I created. I just wanted to let you know that thanks to your mention, as well as the enthusiasm of the rest of the Pavement fan community, I had to move the site off of my dinky Comcast account to a proper host. The old link is redirecting to the new one, but FYI, the new link is:

    Also, just for the sake of clarity, the Kate you mention is my wife, I just was parking the site under her website. She’s not really a Pavement fan (and yes, this has strained our marriage… j/k).


    • Thanks for the update, Nathan. I’ll change the link so folks make it to the right place.

      I hope the added traffic didn’t implode Kate’s site.

  5. Oh, one more thing… everyone that checks out my site, please follow all the links, as this is really a community effort. There are a lot of Pavement fans out there that are going to really be the ones taking pictures, video, etc. I’m just the schmuck that was nerdy enough to throw a website together to organize it. So, don’t forget the people producing the content! Thanks to everyone!

  6. I hope they sound this good all tour! Of all the Pavement vids I’ve seen of their shows they are generally pretty lax but they sound tight here. Hoping for a stop near IN or OH! :D

  7. g g g g georgia!

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