the morning benders - Big Echo

Little left to be said about the morning benders big step up, today the band’s made it so there’s nothing left to be heard with a full album streamer. You’ve got a week to listen here and get prepped for this silly good SXSW party. Key tracks: “Excuses,” “Promises,” “All Day Day Light,” “Hand Me Downs,” “Stitches.”  Album’s out 3/9 via Rough Trade. Jump in:

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  1. It sounds like a mediocre Grizzly Bear album. I’m pretty underwhelmed.

    • Explain? I was so excited to see this come up last night…love this album. It’s a force. ‘Excuses’, ‘Promises’, of course. But even the slower ones like ‘Pleasure Sighs’ and ‘Hand Me Downs’ bring it hard. Not to mention ‘All Day Day Light’…OOF.

  2. yea i dont get that comparison at all

    • you really don’t get the grizzly bear comparison? i think it’s open for discussion as to whether everything here is “mediocre” but i’d be interested to hear how somebody argues that this doesn’t sound like grizzly bear.

      • yea, there are very clear connections. i mean, it was produced by grizzly bear’s bassist. i don think the similarities are deniable, but thats not a bad thing — grizly bear is amazing, and from what ive heard so is big echo

  3. blah. i really adore this band — talking through tin cans is one of my favorite albums of the best several years, so i’m not some morning benders-hating kill-joy — but i agree with matarese, this album is REALLY underwhelming. i wrote the upcoming record review over at popmatters, & as much as i like the band & as much as i wanted to give it a high score, with the exception of the opening 2 tracks it really is on the whole underwhelming. there’s no hooks at all to be found, chu’s songwriting is cripplingly undercooked, & his entire artistic approach just seems totally at odds with chris taylor’s production – which, don’t let me be misunderstood, is dynamic, detailed & quite pretty, but doesn’t mesh well with the benders’ overall style & aesthetic. don’t get me wrong, i love these dudes & hope they receive oodles of success off of this album, i was just — as a fan — really disappointed.

  4. as a big fan of the morning benders, i am baffled by your comments. this new album is instrumentally and lyrically a big step forward for these guys. the production enhances the raw talent of chris chu and the supporting members of the band. what i like about their music is the blending of pop and soul. it’s sophisticated yet simple, and totally enjoyable! i am loving this stuff, and am already looking forward to their future releases. plus, they do a kick-ass live show that is not to be missed.

  5. I think it sounds more like Walkmen than Grizzly Bear and I like this sound better than both. I’ve been describing them as “Walkmen meets Beach House” This is my first exposure to these guys and I’m looking forward to following them.

  6. Is the whole Grizzly Bear comparison like some kind of viral thing? One person says it, & then everybody thinks it’s clever to repeat? I don’t hear anything of the kind. I really don’t.

  7. I like it! I’ll probably check out the older albums as well, but this is lovely.

  8. just because chris taylor worked on it doesn’t mean it sounds exactly like grizzly bear. try listening to the music. it’s quite different, a lot more pop and less dense…. it’s actually really good!

  9. These guys are just a poor man’s Animal Collective, I was hoping for more.

    In reality, this takes quite a few listens to catch everything that’s happening. After that, it’s been really catchy, and I find myself going back to it often. Pleasant.

  10. i don’t see the AC comparison at all, and i can see Grizzly Bear but mostly just in the second track. in that song, the style of the drumming sounds an awful lot like what’s on Veckatimest, and i’d say the guitars sound very similar to that album as well… but i wouldn’t say they rip them off or anything. i guess thats just what happens when someone from Grizzly Bear produces your album!

  11. everyone needs to calm down, a comparison to a band (grizzly bear in this case) is not the same as an indictment for identity theft, they just have some similarities, and im happy they were there. Their first album, as pleasant as it was, seemed a little thin, and the new harmonies and layers that chris taylor is implementing they are becoming a much more impressive band.

  12. “big echo” is a great record, I’m excited to hear what’s up next- we did an interview with Chris from Morning Benders recently, hear it here:

    great job amrit!

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