The Smashing Pumpkins - A Stitch In Time

Track Three in the heavily hyphenated 44-track track-at-a-time free-download quadruple-album-or-so Teargarden By Kaleidyscope is here. Corgan calls it “A Stitch In Time,” has no interest in finishing the “saves nine” part of the proverb, instead letting some sitar-sounding lines curl around a mid-tempo acoustic strummer in an us vs. them lyric scheme on the melloncollie side of the adolescent divide (“You’re everywhere at once and you can’t break free,” lover). Try it, if you don’t like it there are 41 more on the way.

Past entries include “Widow Wake My Mind” and “A Song For A Son.”

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  1. Way to go Smashing Pumpkins! More please!

  2. Sounds like Billy got lost in a hippie commune.

  3. Please don’t post 41 more of these.

  4. Please post 41 more of these.

  5. the haters can continue hating, but as far as i’m concerned, billy’s 3 for 3 at this point – i thought he was full of shit with this project at first, but maybe he’s onto something with the whole “create and refine as you go” thing after all

  6. Please stop posting stuff about the shitty pumpkins

  7. Beautiful song

  8. is it me or is Billy sounding like some 80′s Mick Jagger solo albums?

  9. The songs, to me, seem too long in verse and chorus. I just don’t feel the creativity in the guitars, bass, and drums.

  10. dear billy, you have my attention. i will certainly, at the very least, scan all 44 tracks. But please please please, upon listening to this track (not bad), build a time machine and go back to 1993 and figure out what you did with those guitars in “mayonaise”. i don’t need a replica…but geezus…this track sounds soooooooooooo pro tools. where’s the feedback?

  11. This ones good i havnt checked out the others but I will now, btw does anyone know the actual name of the acoustic song on zeitgeist, I think that actually was the name of it and its not just an acoustic version of the track “zeitgeist” on the album.. Just wondering cause im having a hard time finding it, its probably one of the best songs ever written…

    on another note….
    haha did anyone else see that rolling stone article he did recently…

  12. Didn’t anticipate liking this one as much as I do. Not bad at all – and very promising for the rest of this project.

  13. i have a feeling that this will end up being comparable to the Aeroplane Flies High box, in that there will be a theme or binding style to the songs in each set. they’re going to be released one at a time online, but will end up being 11 little EPs on physical release, also similar to the AFH box. great insight into the recording at – his official studio blog.

    P.S. I suspect some serious rock, feedback and Big Muff included, before the end of this project.

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