Tonight Tom Scharpling’s The Best Show On WFMU channels its mirth and mayhem in efforts to raise funds and secure another year of listener-supported free-form radio. Friends Of Tom, Best Show regs, and champions of life Ted Leo and Jon Wurster will be on hand to make the pledge drive more comically musical (musically comical?)(more The Best, basically). 8-11PM tonight, rally around the family with a pocket full of $$$. Stream it, and support.

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  1. It’s on right now, and I’m in for a donation — I’m hat-tipping Stereogum on my message.

    Not for nothing, but I think I saw Wurster (no Superchunk tab, amrit?) on a TV commercial this week where he played the indie-nerd dad sitting at the head of the table with his indie-nerd family.

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