Damien Jurado - Saint Bartlett

Damien Jurado’s simple, effective covers of Microphones’ “Where Lies My Tarp?” and Low’s “Murderer” made for good listening, while also offering interesting personal insights into the Seattle songwriter’s listening habits/aesthetic inspirations. As he told us then:

With a band like Low, I have always compared listening to their music to that of a self reveling and holy, or religious experience. It’s hard to explain. The only way I could describe it is: If you were dying and that feeling of fear or joy comes over you … Low is what that experience would sound like. Everything revealed … and then light or dark, comfort and terror. It’s also present in the work of Phil Elverum: Songs that speak of an unknown darkness, i.e. the album Mount Eerie and “No Flashlight.” I’m fascinated by the unknown … So, when hear songs that touch on that, I’m instantly drawn in.

Jurado has a new collection of originals out in May, his ninth. It’s helpful to keep the above words about holy experiences and unknown darkness in mind when you dip into the Richard Swift-produced Saint Bartlett via ’60s sock-hopping lead track “Arkansas.” Is love a “holy” experience? Sure. Is Arkansas a person or a place? Both and more. And, why the “aw man” when we fade out and the credits roll? It’s up to you to fill-in the finale.

Saint Bartlett is out 5/25 via Secretly Canadian. Jurado and Swift played everything on the album.

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  1. Caught in the Trees is one of my favorite albums of all time. So excited for the new album.

  2. I can’t wait to see Damien Jurado in Pullman, WA at Birds on a Wire festival March 26/27th!

  3. Yet another great song in a long line of great songs from Damien Jurado.

    You know what’s annoying as fuck though? Accidentally clicking the gutters of the Samsung site skin and being taken to the the landing page for the Samsung Behold. Hope the client enjoys their inflated CTR.

  4. should also check out new hoquiam release. vinyl only, 500 copies, damien and drake jurado. good stuff.

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