We just acquainted ourselves with “Lost+,” the Prospekt’s March version of “Lost!” with a Jay-Z verse affixed, but less than 24 hours later, here’s “Glass Of Water,” in its live debut. Chris Martin & Co. are accompanied on the track by Stroke Albert Hammond, Jr., the band’s current tour support. Musically, it basically sounds like anthemic Coldplay with a little bit of post-punk guitar. The crowd doesn’t look too excited.

Half full or half empty? Here’s an Albert-friendly angle.

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  1. thanks very good

  2. mitchFTFuture  |   Posted on Oct 17th, 2008 0

    I like it

  3. I feel like the song could be completely different if I heard it in different quality. But it sounded like a non-album Coldplay track…really catchy, kind of bland, with a seizure-like head-bobbing beat. I can dig it.

  4. tommy  |   Posted on Oct 17th, 2008 0

    This actually occurred about a week ago. Where have you been, Stereogum? Anyway, awesome track. I like Coldplay. I’ll admit it. Shoot me. Can’t wait to hear a studio version of this on Prospekt’s March.

    Coldplay rules. You all know it. Deal.

  5. Will3  |   Posted on Oct 17th, 2008 0

    Love it.

  6. well said tommy

  7. Brian  |   Posted on Oct 17th, 2008 0

    has the world been turned upside down? 6 posts on a coldplay story on Sterogum and they are ALL POSITIVE???? maybe all the indie trolls are too busy bashing The Killers in other threads and forgot about coldplay. I like coldplay, the new album, and think this song isnt too shabby, but want to hear the studio cut before i pass full judgement.

  8. man we are a cheery crowd tonight. i like coldplay too. and this song isn’t too bad either.

  9. tony  |   Posted on Oct 17th, 2008 0

    i don’t like coldplay but one needn’t be a jerk about it y’know

  10. Ruben  |   Posted on Oct 18th, 2008 0

    Stereogum…….. Shame on you.
    Update your video:

  11. I’m so glad Coldplay are taking more risks musically. It’s great to see a big band not playing it safe.

    I know I know, not risky enough for a lot of you Stereogummers, but I’m digging. That new EP will be worth checking out.



  12. Liam Gallagher  |   Posted on Oct 18th, 2008 0

    Fookin’ ace tune. Way better than that Shock of the Lightning shit I’m hearing these days.

    Oh wait, fookin’ hell…

  13. pretty good, albert hammond jr. makes it that much better but the drummer’s gotta do better, when the chorus comes in the beat is way off

  14. Matt  |   Posted on Oct 21st, 2008 0

    i can dig this track. waiting for the studio version

  15. Gilles  |   Posted on Oct 28th, 2008 0

    I was there ,fuckin’ good track !!

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