I’m sure you heard that blogger Kyle MacDonald finally did successfully trade one red paperclip for a house (in Saskatchewan).

Last time I checked in with him he was bartering an afternoon with Alice Cooper.

I didn’t realize he ended up trading that for … a KISS snowglobe? WTF? Fortunately, Corbin Bernsen is one of the biggest snow globe collectors on the planet.

Now Kyle’s movin’ on up to 503 Main Street. How long before Hollywood buys his story?

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  1. The only problem is the house is in Saskatchewan and speaking as citzen of ontario I would never trade my red paper clip for a house in Saskatachewan.

  2. Such a waste. A crappy house in a crappy town. As if you would ever do that.


  3. Jeff  |   Posted on Jul 15th, 2006 0

    Idiots. He only did it for the million dollar movie deal which obviously awaits him.

    Sask bitchez reprezent!

  4. Then he’ll trade the one house in Saskatchewan for a life without property taxes.

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