From the 1,000 Skeleton March to the long-brewing (and delayed) sci-fi flick Christmas On Mars, to name a pair, no doubt the Flaming Lips are into their Holidays. The latter’s been a longtime coming: Wayne Coyne & Co. started working on Christmas in 2001 and finished filming in 2005. Christmas, which Coyne wrote and directed, debuted this past May, but I haven’t seen it. He plays “The Martian.” Fred Armisen’s in it, too. All of that said and skimmed, I have no idea where “Space Bible With Volume Lumps” comes into the picture, though it’s the penultimate track.

(Via P4K)

Let’s hope it’s soundtracking a particularly courtly sex scene between the Martian and some space birds (not really) (really).

The Christmas On Mars soundtrack is out 11/11 via Warner Bros. You can get more info at the Lips’ site.

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  2. if only Sun Ra could play with midi- I love this stuff. wow.
    Thank You Stereogum for sharing.

  3. WAREAGLE  |   Posted on Oct 21st, 2008 0

    BADASS!!! This pretty much trumps anything on At War With the Mystics. Here’s to hoping they win another rock instrumental Grammy.

  4. I love the Lips…and “Christmas On Mars” is freaking terrible. It’s a total bummer. I reviewed it on my site and it’s completely disappointing in every way, including the music.

  5. ok.
    But this song is really good. Im pretty sure thats all that matters

  6. dreck  |   Posted on Oct 22nd, 2008 0

    COOL. I look forward to seeing the movie; not going to write it off yet. Either way, this is a sweet track.

  7. whistle  |   Posted on Oct 22nd, 2008 0

    Christmas on Mars was not very good. It had moments, though. And the story underneath all the hesitated delivery of lines and agonizingly slow pacing was actually pretty good.

    I’m a huge Lips fan and have been psyched about this for years. It should’ve been re-done after they saw an edit. They should’ve taken what they had learned and re-did the whole thing to fix the problems.

    There were at least a couple of key plot points not adequately covered (or at all). I’ve spoken with Wayne about it several times and he actually failed to tell the story on screen that he told me in person.

    Seriously, him telling the story in an interview is more entertaining than the film.

    Maybe they should’ve made it a musical or something…

  8. Boop  |   Posted on Oct 22nd, 2008 0

    The movie’s perfectly Flaming Lips in every way.

  9. whistle  |   Posted on Oct 23rd, 2008 0

    /\ You think so, Boop? You must not be much of a fan of thier music.

    You see, the Flaming Lips are genius songwriters and brilliant musicians who put out albums that soar high above the output from most of thier peers. Thier albums are as brilliantly executed as the legendary artists that inspired them.

    The movie is very amateurish, like watching a student film.

    It doesn’t live up to thier potential or the potential of the material.

    I mean, they have won at least 1 grammy award. That is the top.

    Christmas on Mars will not even be mentioned at the Oscars, which would be the cinematic equivalent.

    See what I’m saying?

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