MGMT - "Flash Delirium"

Probably more satisfying to MGMT fans than the 21-second guide to Congratulations’ scratch-off packaging, this 4 minute and 16 second pop song “Flash Delirium” finds the guys blasting off into some DayGlo Bowie-tinged psychedelia. It’s all over the place. That said, remember the collection was recorded by ex-Spacemen 3 astronaut Pete Kember (aka Sonic Boom) with mixing by Flaming Lips secret weapon David Fridmann. The 3:30 mark is a nod to a pop song I can’t place right now. They also borrowed someone’s flute.

Congratulations is out 4/13 via Sony/Columbia. Apparently the title track’s leaked, too — pick that up over at We All Want Someone.

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  1. I like what I hear but I need more!

  2. Everything I’ve read has made it sound like this entire album will be all over the place. This being the first single means it’s probably the most tidy. I look forward to hearing this in context, and hearing if the rest of the album follows a similar structure. Am I the only one who has been let down by their live show?

  3. hope the scratch off cover has acid underneath…b/c this is too funny sober

  4. Sounds like Bowie doing a song from the “Hair” soundtrack…

  5. Brandon–is the song you’re thinking of at the 3:30 mark New Order – Bizarre Love Triangle?

  6. There’s definitly some kind of Pulp influence in there.

  7. anyone hearing a distinct arcade fire influence from 1:42-2:00? thats all i can think about when i hear that part.

    that said, i really didnt want to like this song. in fact, on paper, it should be terrible. but ill admit…this is some pretty good stuff. “kids,” its not. but thats not a bad thing.

  8. don’t really understand how one could feel ‘meh’ about this track, seems like 1 of those hate it or love it tracks to me.

    i’m definitely a fan, i’m pleasantly surprised. i had pretty low expectations because the album seemed a bit try hard (they said they weren’t releasing any singles etc), so hopefully the rest of the album will also be good

  9. Well, I liked it.

  10. I like it so far. They’re experimenting with different sounds and influences, expanding as artists hopefully. I can’t wait for more.

  11. Pretty good…but I’m surprised all of you hipsters are not calling this what it really is; a rip off of Of Montreal, the band that MGMT toured with for the better part of a whole year.

  12. That’s Jennifer Herrema of RTX’s vocals that kick in at 1:11 !!! Tight !!!!!

  13. that one bit reminds me of Just Like Starting Over by John Lennon.

    • Ok, if you’ve heard the title track congratulations, it is a complete ripoff of stuck inside of mobile with the memphis blues again.

  14. Re: the 3:30 mark- I’m gonna go out on a limb here: Cindy Lauper- “The Goonies R Good Enough”

  15. This sounds like a Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd song and I particularly enjoyed heavy-ness on the climax at the end of the song. Interesting lyrics too… “pledge allegiance to the sun” being my favorite. I wonder if the whole LP will sound more psychedelic than Embryonic.

  16. Dern, I missed “congratulations.” Sony had it removed from We All Want Someone and Youtube.

  17. am I the only one having trouble downloading the mp3s with this new Stereogum face-lift? Mac user, Safari. would really like to actually have this on my mp3 player.

  18. Flash Delirium sounds pretty great, my interest for this album has somewhat piqued.

  19. I really disliked the beginning of the song but I loved the build towards the end

  20. Wow. This shit sux so bad. It makes throw up in my mouth and anus simultaneously. Bring back the MGMT hate. It’s justified now.

  21. kind of a let down IMO

  22. Was this album inspired by the remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?

  23. Bad. Just bad.

  24. The first thing i told everyone after their first album was that their second one was going to be dog shit. I mean they wrote oracular over like a 6 year time period or somethign like that, and since it was so successful i guessed that they would be rushed to put out a follow up and it would sound like the last green day record. That being said I’m glad i’m wrong, this isnt anything amazing but its interesting enough to lmk that there not trying to write a huge mega smash hit pop song and guest on american idol. I hope they do have some heavy synths on the new album, their one of like a handful of bands that I’ll give the ok for on the supersonic electronic

  25. Wait, do you call them mgmt or management? I guess I do both, although I’m not really sure now that I think about it, which is a little odd.

  26. SXSW party from the guy who made the cover artwork for this single:

    If you’re in ATX – check it out!

    -WASHED OUT [ ]
    -JUBILEE [ ]

  27. You can watch the new MGMT “Flash Delirium” video here:

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  29. This sounds like a Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd song and I particularly enjoyed heavy-ness on the climax at the end of the song. Interesting lyrics too… “pledge allegiance to the sun” being my favorite. I wonder if the whole LP will sound more psychedelic than Embryonic.
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