I’m into different kinds of music for different reasons. Not everything goes down easy, so it’s a treat when something’s as unabashedly catchy and straight-up fun as 17-year-old Tampa rapper Dominique Young Unique’s “Show My Ass.” And it’s a plus when a summer jam involves this much (actual) personality and skill. The video was shot by Simone Ghilardotti during a trip to London this past December.

(Via P4K)

She just finished recording her Blaster EP for Art Jam.

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  1. I’m sorry, but this is like a hipster Lil Mama

  2. someone get this girl spank rock’s number asap

    • Someone get this girl by bloody number asap…. schhwiiiiiiiiiiiiing……

    • word up. if she ain’t signed to Downtown yet, it’s a matter of time.

      also the juxtaposition between her style and voice compared to the beat and pretty much everyone else in the video is really jarring and interesting.

  3. biting Rye Rye like a mother fucker… chomp chomp

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