Ryan Adams - "Electrosnake"

At his website, longtime metal fan Ryan Adams says he and his Pax-Am label are planning to press a new album called Orion next week. He calls the collection his “most legit METAL record” to date, but after listening, my money’s still on that last batch of Satanic pizza-inspired Werewolph songs. Take a listen to “Electrosnake” to see what you think. He notes “not a single B.C. Rich was hurt in the making of this record,” but he didn’t need to note that.

Now vote whether or not you’d pay for an entire album of “Electrosnake”-esque metal, or if you’d rather save up for the new Rotting Christ.

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  1. has anybody else ever noticed that Ryan Adams is actually really shitty??

  2. No head-banging going on here.. Sounds more like a bad attempt at playing… what was that 90s sound from Seattle? Gru..something. Anyways, all I gotta say is this: Ryan, don’t be surprised if P4K rates this a 2.0 or something. Just saying.

  3. This is a complete waste of time. What is going on with this guy?

    • If it’s a waste of your time then didn’t you just waste your time commenting on it? People are free to release whatever they want for their fans that want to listen and buy these types of things, just like people are free to ignore that music if they don’t like it. I think everyone has records in their collection that someone else would call a waste of time. It’s probably a good idea for everyone to concentrate on what they like and let other people do the same.

      As for Ryan, he has a pretty solid fanbase and I’m pretty sure he does just fine for himself.

  4. This sounds like Rock N Roll turned up a bit louder with Ryan singing in a shitty voice.

  5. For the most part, I’m a fan. But this is terrible. Sorry, Ryan.

  6. This is hilarious. You all need to not take it so seriously.

    Though Ryan’s most legit metal song ever was the song “Sarcophagus” he played at a show in LA. Genius!

  7. I’m glad Ryan’s getting away from boring music like Cardinology and some of the bland Cardinal members. But fuck, it kinda stings when someone who’s put out so much great music now approaches it with such a “whatever” attitude. I don’t think people care that he’s putting this out – it’s pretty funny – but this is the guy that wrote Heartbreaker, Love is Hell, and Cold Roses. Not to mention the great unleased stuff like 48 Hours, Darkbreaker, and the two Sad Dracula albums. There’s way too much good Ryan Adams music that hasn’t been exposed, and it’s kind of disheartening when shit like this is what people are gonna be hearing. Oh well.

  8. always, without fail every single time Ryan puts out something that clearly isnt meant to be taken as seriously as his LPs, these comments get filled with the retrospective ”ooh, now i realize Ryan’s sucked this whole time because of one single 1:42 song i heard today” or the obligatory “i’m going to lose a little of my hiptser cred cuz i’m forced to explain why i like certain things to my friends and this just wont be acceptable”. look, if it hasn’t occurred to a few of you after this long that there are at least 3 to 8 different musical personas in this guy that surface at random, and you never know which one you’re going to get, then move on. dont expect an artist to the same thing every time all the time.

  9. Yea guys. He is taking himself seriously here.

  10. what the hell is everybody being such a dick about. he does whatever he wants and he would probably be laughing at all of you who are over thinking this shit. just let the man have his fun. we don’t need to compare every little song he makes to cold roses and heartbreaker.

  11. The poll was closed by the time I saw it. This man’s productive enough that I would not buy this. But whatever.

  12. since when is ‘fuckin up’ a metal song?

  13. this is great! I would buy and listen to it…AND not take it too seriously…com on people lighten the f**k up…its music…its fun and Ryan is hugely talented

  14. Mr. Adams has this amazing ability to be way cooler than everyone. I’m sure he had a ball doing this for himself and fuck you. I wanna hear more, I wanna hear awful screaming and wailing. What is it with people that have negative opinions and have to voice them. He is one of 2 people in the world who is currently making music that is worth a goddamn. The other being Mr. John Frusciante. Anyway, his hiatus thing scared me a little and it sure is sweet honey to my ears to hear something. his books were good, but nothing like a new record. what a mack daddy pimping his way all the way to the bank, handing out the back of his hand as needed cause he is incapable of sucking. If he recorded himself taking a shit, like a mean one after chipotle or something and screaming out loud cause it burns, well, i probably wouldn’t buy it, but it would comfort me to know it existed…in a weird sorta way. I saw he was also ranked No. 6 on Forbes Magazines list of 100 people that could beat your fucking face in and shred your punk ass and not give a shit. Not that he would, but I would and I was ranked 14 so be careful, I just might come to your town and bang all the ladies in your life. from girlfriends to grandmothers. Now look, I’ve gotten myself all worked up. I’m gonna go look for a fight. Better strap on y’alls strap ons so you dont get laughed at. AHAHAHAHA. teeny weeny having bitches

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