Pictureplane's Mtymx Rhinoceropolis Hype Package

Last night Travis Egedy, aka BTW Pictureplane, dropped us a line about the showcase he and his friends at the Denver DIY warehouse Rhinoceropolis curated for Todd P’s MTYMX Festival. In his words, it’s a “hype package.” It really is … If you’re trekking to Monterrey and aren’t familiar with some of the less well-known groups, here’s a chance to get acquainted with almost a new handful — Tearist, Josephine And The Mouse People, Gauntlet Hair, and Hollagramz — as well as the new Pictureplane track “Beyond Fantasy.” To quote Egedy again, he thinks the following bands “represent the Rhinoceropolis aesthetic and attitude,” so if you weren’t up on Rhinoceropolis, cross that off your list, too. Tearist’s from L.A. The rest of the bands are from Denver. Actually, speaking of L.A., Egedy recently remixed Rainbow Arabia’s “Kabukimono” for a collection of RA remakes, so maybe check that out before heading for the Rockies.

And, as the main event, Pictureplane’s Mtymx Rhinoceropolis Hype Package in the order he listed things for us:

If that wasn’t enough, you can grab the rest of the eight-song Rainbow Arabia remix album here. It opens with Travis’s take.

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  1. FUCK YES Josephine and the Mousepeople. Y’all should BTW them if you know what’s what.

  2. This is perfect for the weekend. Thanks!

  3. Lucky Denver : )

    Gauntlet Hair, Hollagramz, Pictureplane. mmmmmhmmmm

  4. Love the songs, don’t know how I feel about the face paint.

  5. Rhinoceropolis is growing to a myth at this point, but that’s beside the point.

    The point is–Go Denver!

  6. I want to ‘fucking die’ cause I’m not going to be able to make it to mtymx
    feeling resentful

  7. Almost as good as C & C Music Factory.

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