My favorite song from Incredibad gets a video/SNL digital short. Come along to awesometown, b.y.o.boiledgoose.

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  1. This is someones favourite song? Really?
    Can’t wait to hear the other tracks…

  2. This makes me miss Flight of the Conchords.

  3. I’m really happy they did a video for this song, lets hope they do videos for the rest of Incredibad.

  4. This is the best thing Julian Casablancas has ever done.

  5. this is so stupid.

  6. The video is good, but the rest of last night’s SNL made me wanna puke up my dinner of boiled goose.

  7. Anyone know what boiled goose taste like?

  8. Scott, you and me both.

    Also, Julian Casablancas rocks this song!

  9. White people dancing always make me laugh.

  10. i miss old stereogum layout. everything feels hard to find and annoying

  11. ps. this video is not funny

  12. With a great boombox, comes great responsibility.
    Don’t take your boombox to the old folks home, y’all!

  13. It’s too bad this wasn’t released a year ago when the novelty hadn’t worn off.. buuut I agree this was the best/funniest song from the album.

  14. I don’t know if I’m ready for the second coming of Julian.

  15. Right on.

  16. It’s about time that Scooter get the tribute they deserve.

  17. Amazing but why the hell did they wait so long to make this? This song is over a year old.

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