Holy Fuck - Latin Album Art

Holy Fuck streamed the first single from their upcoming album Latin on Chatroulette late last week. If you went looking for Holy Fuck on Chatroulette, well, you probably found it many, many times. Or maybe your boyfriend found it for you. Either way, “Latin America” now comes in safe-for-work, MP3 form. The Toronto band is down to its four touring members, which seems reflected in this single. Holy Fuck are getting ever closer to sounding as great on record as they do live.

Latin is out 5/11 via Young Turk/XL.

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  1. You know, when I got the itty bitty InSound magazine that came with my copy of Sisterworld I saw this album and got totally psyched. Then I went online to find that there was NOTHING about it anywhere. I was most confused.

    The single is great though.

  2. Mission impossible theme

  3. See this band live.

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