The Dead Weather - "Die By The Drop" Video

The first single from The Dead Weather’s Sea Of Cowards is kind of a monster, as is its new video. Jack White and Alison Mosshart echo each other’s taunts over the song’s lurching, massive guitar hook. Mosshart always sings as if she’s ready to boil over, but White is singing at full, manic bluster. This video was meant to be equally menacing, but honestly, the video’s stylist made Jack White resemble VH1′s Mystery. White may be the ultimate pick-up artist though. The video was directed by Floria Sigismondi, who most recent did The Runaways movie. She also directed The White Stripes’s “Blue Orchid” video.

Sea of Cowards is out early May via Third Man Records.

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  1. Blargh. A video viewable for Canadians would be nice too.

  2. man, i miss the days when alison could still sing. and when she didn’t sound exactly like jack white processed through twenty filters.

  3. has both new tracks posted on their blog.

  4. Oops. This song is awesome.

  5. How about “Sea of Bullshit” ??? This band sucks so hard they make the Kills seem palatable… which they really are not. Can somebody please stop Jack White… he’s ruining music at an alarming rate.

    • Calm down.

      I can accept that some people might not like Jack and that some people might not like Allison. That seems to be you.

      But to say that Jack white is “ruining music” is pretty farcical. I think despite what you may or may not think about Jack’s music that it’s pretty evident that he has a lot of respect for music and is making music that he and many others think is good, enjoyable and sometimes important. He does it for the right reasons and lots of people appreciate it.

      Nickelback is ruining music. Get your hyperbole right.

      • true that! Nickelback started to suck since their first album.
        they only had one sorta good song “How You Remind Me”…that’s it.

        and Jack White is an amazing musician!
        people who say otherwise are ignorant and full or crap!
        he understands things about music that no one
        can truly feel unless you have that same passion.

        his style is intentionally rough around the edges idiot. geez! :p

    • more hipster whining.

  6. Tadah, link broken!

  7. metacafe video removed :S
    D: i want to see the videoo

  8. This video is so 90′s.

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