Broken Social Scene - "Forced To Love" & "All Is All"

Last month you had a chance to listen to/mull over the swelling “World Sick,” the first official taste of Broken Social Scene’s John McEntire-helmed Forgiveness Rock Record. As you know, BSS includes a number of cooks, i.e. you’re not going to comprehend the arc of any collection based on a single track, especially after you’ve been told something as open-ended as “the new record is, like all Broken Social Scene albums, a record driven by love.” Maybe the rollicking “Forced To Love” and spacier, swoonier “All To All” will help out.

Forgiveness Rock Record is out 5/4 via Arts & Crafts.

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  1. Oh man, All to All is awesome.

  2. is anyone else hearing a piercing hiss in the Forced to Love track? is this some low-bitrate biz? what gives?

  3. ya i hear it and it is quite irritating…could be a part of the song, bss do tend to integrate random noise into their music.

  4. The strings on All To All are sooooo good! Can’t wait for the rest!

  5. Sounds like BSS… sounds great!

  6. That All to All song is great

  7. YESSS! so pumped for this album… just sayin’

  8. All three tunes are pretty awesome and very different, can’t wait to see them live in toronto!

    BTW I did not get the white noise on forced to love.

    • Ahh. Consider yourself lucky. Seems to be getting louder with each listen hmm

    • I’m pretty sure you just can’t hear it. I can’t think of any reason why some people would have it in their stream and others wouldn’t.

      Your ears have probably lost the ability to hear that frequency.

  9. I’m for sure excited about this album. Their arrangements and production choices never cease to amaze me. Memorable melodies, big hooks, with a modern art sensibility that I personally can’t help but embrace. I’m buying this one. With moneys.

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