Perez Hilton photoshopped his presence onto the image of SXSW yet again this year, hosting a late-night last-night party that drew Hole, Snoop Dogg, and Estelle, but it’s the earlier set featuring Macy Gray that caught our attention for her choice of cover: Arcade Fire’s “Wake Up.” If your eye’s cocked at mainstream artists covering Arcade Fire as a ploy to grab headlines, I guess you’ll have just have to adjuuuuust — but her old soul rasp and way around an emotional anthem (“I Try” is still a jam) adds up to a pretty pointed makeover.

(via Merge via The Music Slut)

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  1. there’s not much different about it, arrangement wise, but her voice sounds surprisingly well fit for the song. win!

  2. This was great. It actually gave me chills at the beginning.

  3. This song should’ve been covered back in ’04 or ’05. It’s fresh in people’s mind today only because of the Spike Jonze film.

    I’m sure David Bowie would agree with me on this one.

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