The National - Bloodbuzz Ohio

After attending one of the National’s High Violet-related shows at the Bell House a couple of weeks ago, I sorta went off on the water imagery in Matt Berninger’s lyrics. “Bloodbuzz Ohio,” a song we heard in earlier form a year ago, isn’t as obviously drenched or drowned as the others, though you do get the water that makes up most of your blood (and body) plus Ohio and its rivers. The song debuted on BBC radio earlier today. The label passed along a higher quality non-ripped version of the track. You might’ve expected “Terrible Love” as High Violet’s lead single after that stirring Fallon performance, but as mentioned, this one’s been around, so no real surprises. Take a listen to what it’s become.

High Violet is out 5/11 via 4AD.

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  1. Sounds much better than that murky, live, itunes freebie. On an unrelated note, I hope they didnt actually use those elevators in the promo shot….

  2. People are going to be saying this a lot about High Violet, but the record really is sounding more and more like the perfect balance between the anthemic moments on Alligator and the more pensive Boxer. Easily my most anticipated album of 2010.

  3. this is awesome. not much else to say.

  4. I think Bryan Devendorf is one of the best drummers is music today. I swear that the drums make this band great. Sans Bryan, they’re good. Great song. great band.

    • You, sir, are correct. I now fully appreciate that line from Wilco: “She fell in love with the drummer…”

    • this is my infinite claim as well. And it’s not just that he’s a skilled drummer, or that he has more power or something like that. I’ve known powerful skilled drummers that I would argue are “better” than Bryan. What sets Bryan apart is that he isn’t content with just ‘drumming’. He creates rhythems that eb and flow with the songs in a unique and creative way. His dynamic shifts in beat, and the way he compliments the song is amazing. He truely puts his passion into the music of the drum, rather than just hitting things at the right time.

      But I could talk about how much I like Bryan all day. He’s just a really great drummer that obviously has a passion for music that comes out in how artfully he uses his instrument.

  5. Fantastic song. This album cannot come out soon enough.

  6. Oh I hope that’s true about it being a perfect balance of the anthemic Alligator moments and the pensive Boxer moments! This song is really, really wonderful.

  7. NothiNg more to say about this song than…BRILLIANT!

  8. I agree that he’s a great drummer, but the beats in Terrible Love sound exactly like stuff on Boxer in a sort of disappointing way.

  9. woozefa  |   Posted on Mar 24th, 2010 0

    digging it the most.

  10. You know, Berninger’s voice has evolved quite a lot from their earlier records. He really adds a lot of artistic nuance this time around.

  11. Now this tune I like.

  12. It makes me excited…I don’t want this song to end.

  13. Am I the only one who was instantly reminded of “Learning to Fly” by Pink Floyd?

    I like it.

  14. These guys can do no wrong, each album seems more amazing than the last.

  15. This is fantastic. The same National I love.

  16. just brilliant. this bands has so much integrity and consistency.

  17. can’t freaking wait.

    Calling it now: this will be the best album of the year when it comes out.

  18. Most defintely. Best drummer in years. Though the rest of the band is nothing to slough off.
    Some National pieces of interest:

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