On first listen to +/-’s “Snowblind,” Brandon wrote: “In the beginning the song sounds less like a snowstorm than a light coating; even when the sprung guitars enter, shifting the speed instrumental density, it’s pure exhilaration. Listening to the lyrics, it’s clear the storm’s taking place inside someone’s head, that someone’s stumbling mentally.” Video director Nancy Mitchell agrees. Sure the clip opens with a shot of cascading snow … but on a television set. It’s a meaningful decision, having the storm play out on a box built for imagination rather than a window to the real world, because throughout we’re stuck inside a fantasy. It’s the fantasy of a Josh Groban-looking guy with (Edward) scissorhands, trying to deal with wanting to reach out but just cutting instead. As you know, though, tin foil fortresses are great places to conquer long odds, which you’ll see here, along with remembering that {Plus/Minus} can make a pretty great, emotional soundtrack.

Here’s that MP3:

Xs On Your Eyes is out via Absolutely Kosher.

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  1. Terrible  |   Posted on Oct 29th, 2008 0

    It sounds as if Versus were still making new music.

  2. cg  |   Posted on Oct 29th, 2008 0

    lOVE “SNOWBLIND’! Great fun video…I’ll be purchasing the album ! cg.

  3. Love this song. Nancy Mitchell is an awesome director! Great video!

  4. great video nancy, also hannah and kristen love to mitchell family :)

  5. I think Versus does have new songs. If or not they ever get released though, is another question. I love that jangley guitar sound that only a member of the Baluyut family can create!

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