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They have just four demos, but things are heating up nicely for NYC trio BRAHMS. Which is fitting: Despite the Depeche Mode coldness to their instrumentation, their songs feel far warmer. With 127 years just three months to their name they can’t point to much yet, though where they can point is notable: The band’s opened for folks you know (Passion Pit, and more local luminaries like Telepathe, Jessica 6, Class Actress, Lemonade), landed some solid slots at SXSW (including a stop at the Levi’s/FADER Fort), and are working on remixes for the likes of Neon Indian, Bear Hands, and the Joy Formidable. A quick embrace from local luminaries, yes, but the studied, percussive new wave of instant jam “Brought It Out” clearly defines why.

The trio comprises Eric Lodwick, Drew Robinson, and Cale Parks, who you might recognize from Aloha or White Williams, or himself. For more, download their demos at for the price of an email. A full album’s in the works this summer, in the interim there will be live shows. First up is tonight when they’ll open for Lemonade and Delorean at Mercury Lounge. If you have tickets (it’s sold-out), get there early — BRAHMS hit at 8PM. Otherwise, they’re at the Mill in Hartford, CT supporting Sleigh Bells. It’ll be like this, just with less couches:

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  1. I’m digging the sound. Seems like this band could’ve fit-in perfectly on some John Hughes movie soundtrack or something. Can’t go wrong with sporting Paul Simonon-style hats either.

  2. It’s strange to me that Stereogum would chose to “watch” a band with so little material. The music is fine, but the story here seems to be more about the management team that’s working with the band than the band’s songs or releases. I guess having a strong manager and great booking is what qualifies a band as being one to “watch” at this point, but it’s odd that there’s so little transparency about that within the piece.

    • You seem bitter.

      • I don’t think so – the band sounds great, and I really enjoy both the recorded songs and the live stuff. There could easily be more good material (and judging from the pedigree of the guys in the band, there probably will be). I just get suspicious about features like this one. I think I’m more paranoid than bitter.

    • I don’t think it’s odd at all. Stereogum has been following Aloha and Cale Parks for years. If anything, they’re letting you know about his new project.

  3. Perhaps it also helps that one of the guys is a successful male model (Eric Lyle Lodwick), so like George Barnett of These New Puritans their music might get more exposure and seem of more interest to people than other bands. These New Puritans did some music for a Dior fashion show once, Im sure that didnt hurt them

  4. These guys are pretty catchy but I’m not a huge fan of their vocals. They don’t seem to fit the instrumentation very well.

    • I agree, the vocals don’t sound particularly bad, just kinda…generic. But I do like the tunes so far, and heck, if I sang in the band, that’s probably what it would sound like.

  5. I like them but they sound just like The Shins/Broken Bells and a ton of one-shot 80′s pop acts. Where’s the originality?

  6. Love the tracks I’ve heard from them, but where can I buy an album? Their website seems to have been taken down and they don’t seem to exist anywhere else.

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