LCD Soundsystem - This Is Happening

We’ve spent the last few days listening to new sounds from LCD Soundsystem’s forthcoming third album, which was until now untitled and uncovered (despite your admirable efforts and PhotoShops). But, yes, this is happening. It’s sort of the visual accompaniment to “Pow Pow“’s Downtown party vibe.

This Is Happening is out 5/17 via DFA/Virgin.

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  1. Really don’t like Drunk Girls. It’s not melodic, it’s not funny. It sounds like rehashed old LCD.

  2. Nah, my cover was better!

    PS: Slightly disappointed that not a single nerd noted that I used Radiohead’s Kid A font in my cover…

  3. Reminds me of vintage New Order (Low-Life in particular)…definitely a good thing.

  4. Didn’t really like the two new songs, but the cover art and album title are bad ass.

  5. Anyone notice the “It’s Us V Them” banner. The ads have become self-aware.

  6. Guys guys guys. This album is happening. The album’s title just confirms it. This album is definitely happening guys. Guys.

  7. Yeah, I didn’t care much for “Drunk Girls” either. Still need to check out “Pow Pow”. Like the cover, it reminds me of something that later New Order would have done.

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