Last week Bruce Springsteen got in the Halloween spirit and spent “A Night With The Jersey Devil.” Yesterday, feeling election day inch closer, he spent an afternoon at a Barack Obama rally in Cleveland. He played a six-song set that included the debut of a new one, “Working On A Dream,” on which he was backed up Patti Scialfa and his own “professional whistling.” It’s a love song, but he dedicated it to “Senator Obama” because he loves Senator Obama, who he introduced to the crowd after he finished his performance. We have the song by Bruce The Boss:

OK, so it’s not a classic. This is what the set looked like:

01 “The Promised Land”
02 “Youngstown”
03 “Thunder Road”
04 “Working on a Dream”
05 “This Land is Your Land”
06 “The Rising”

Here’s the Boss pontificating.

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  1. I wish the Boss would endorse me.

  2. I am an envrionmentali activist. Living in a very busy border community with lots of trucks, and Diesel engine exhaust. Windsor Ontario/Detroit Michigan.

    Which leads to cancers, asthmas, respiratory ailments heart disease, etc. As DEE ends up in smog and ozone, it is also greenhouse gases, global warming and Climate Change. Did a movie with the National Film Board of Canada, which I would like to send to the Boss. Entitled Toxic Trespass.

    Bruce, I can help with issues, I have been discussing for the last 15 years…

    Can someone from his group call me, or send me an e-mail to chat.

    Be well, Leo Petrilli.


    Be well, Leo Petrilli.

  3. Leo hai sacrosanta ragione il problema e che il BOSS non è un politico oppure un attivsta come te !! Ma solamente un cantante (un ottimo cantautore dire dato che sono 35 anni e oltre che canta !!!! ) poi devi anche considerare che è uno dei pochi cantanti che dice le cose come stanno !!! Lo dimostrano molti dei suoi album e delle sue canzoni !!! Quindi ….BE PATIENT !!!
    E forza OBAMA !!!!
    From ITALY with Respect and Friendship !!!

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