Hold Steady Press 2010

So far we’ve heard “Hurricane J” and “Rock Problems,” and now Hold Steady’s given up a third track from Heaven Is Whenever. As on “Rock Problems,” Craig Finn’s half-remembering, half-trying-to-forget a wretched night: “She said ’The theme of this party’s the industrial age’ / You came in dressed as a train wreck.” YA BURNT lady.

(Via MTV)

Heaven Is Whenever is out 5/4 via Vagrant.

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  1. [crickets]?

  2. Best one I’ve heard off the new album so far, really digging it, cleaned out the awful taste Hurricane J left.

  3. Have you guys heard this song “Sleep Paralysist” by Neon Indian??? I think he’s on to something you guys. Keep an eye on this one.

  4. My favorite so far for sure!

  5. better than the other 2 tracks from the record by a wide margin. love the low end and Tad’s guitar solo.

  6. Is there any way I can listen to this in the UK? :(

    • Yeah, some enterprising individual put it up on YouTube.

      Wondering how this is coming together to create the album they said they were making, but knowing THS the album is going to be so much more rewarding as a whole.

  7. It’s definitely a follow-up to “Chips Ahoy”

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