Today’s episode of WBEZ’s Sound Opinions features an interview and in-studio performance from Vivian Girls. The Girls did “Other Girls,” “Surfin’ Away,” and “When I’m Gone” for the show, as well as this cover of Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day.” London’s Male Bonding help out — or, really, kind of hurt — in the beginning, but the song gets better as it progresses.

“Year’s Not Long,” the opener from Male Bonding’s Nothing Hurts, is a better introduction to the band:

(Via NME)

Vivian Girls’s Everything Goes Wrong is out now. Male Bonding’s Nothing Hurts is out 5/11 via Sub Pop and Vivian Girls appear on it.

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  1. I want to sit around and cover classic alternative rock tracks in a lazy, lo-fi way with cool bands for a living…

  2. this is fucking terrible.

  3. I hope these cunts tour bus crashes and they die. What a waste of space.

  4. haha … yikes! would anybody mind aggressively scraping their fingernails across a chalkboard to cover this awful awful noise?

  5. will people please stop covering ‘Perfect Day’. possibly the worst version is when the BBC did a version to go between programs… cringe-worthy can only just describe it!

    House On Fire –

  6. disgrace…

  7. I have nothing bad to say about Vivian Girls, in fact I like their style alot, they have some nice songs and put on a killer show. As for this other group, “malebonding” I’m not so sure. The name in this case must refer to the act of circle jerking all over a classic rock song. Why even do something like this? Okay, sit around your Bushwick art studio and have some drunk fun or whatever, but don’t present something like this to the public.

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