The Thermals - "Separate"

The Thermals’ saccharine, Winter Olympics-boosting paeon to the Great White North didn’t win the band any medals, though it’d work OK as a theme song for a Canadian kids show. The sturdier “Separate” comes from the band’s Record Store Day split 7″ with the Cribs. Take a listen at MySpace. Also: The Thermals are in the process of mixing their next LP with Chris Walla in Portland. It’s tentatively titled Personal Life and comes out 9/7 via Kill Rock Stars. No word if “Separate”’s on it.

The The Thermals/The Cribs split’s out 4/17 (aka Record Store Day) via KRS. You can pre-order it now.

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  1. I like it. Things bode well for the new record now that I’ve got the bad taste of that goddamn Canada song out of my mouth.

  2. love the thermals!

  3. I think everyone took the Canada song a tad too seriously.

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