LCD Soundsystem - This Is Happening

You may know one of these from the post in which we talked about LCD Soundsystem mercilessly ravaging Music Hall Of Williamsburg last Thursday; regardless, both will come as a soothing balm to those (I know you’re out there) irritated by the chanted dumb-fun paean to drunk girls called “Drunk Girls.” Album opening “Dance Yrself Clean” picks up a thread from Sound Of Silver, James talking about all his friends (“Talking like a jerk except you are an actual jerk / And living proof that sometimes friends are mean”) in droll bits over spare taps, then explodes at 3:10 when you’re rewarded for having turned up the volume to listen closer to his lyrics — James Murphy is a trickster when it comes to mixing audio levels, imagine that. In addition there’s the MHOW-debuted existential synth jam “I Can Change,” which Rob Sheffield described as sounding “like Brian Eno taking Ecstasy on the beach with Morrissey and Depeche Mode.” If you’re into that sorta thing.

Hear them at We All Want Someone. And don’t forget “Pow Pow.” This Is Happening is happening 5/17 via DFA/Virgin. The band’s on tonight at Webster Hall (doors at 9PM, Fall On Your Sword 10PM, Mr. Murphy 11PM), then at Coachella later this week. Get ready — they are.

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  1. I must say, I was a little disappointed by Drunk Girls but this has restored my confidence in Mr. Murphy!

  2. “I Can Change” makes the album awesome all by itself.

  3. “Drunk Girls” definitely felt like a throwback to the first album. A poppy, dance-rock single. I really liked it, but oh man it’s good to know a proper album is going to be surrounding it. I am way too pumped for this album.

  4. both songs have very knife-like synths going on….def. soothe the pain of drunk girls…hopefully the rest are more in line with these sonics

  5. Loving these two songs, and cannot wait for the album!

    Also- I don’t understand all the hating on Drunk Girls, it’s a fun tongue-in-cheek tune… it’s clearly the Daft Punk… / North American Scum of this album.

    • very true, everyone seems to be concentrating on the shout along chorus and it’s turning them off, but they aren’t paying attention to how good the song gets towards the end, the different harmonies and how the song builds along is trully incredible

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