LCD Soundsystem - Pat Mahoney & James Murphy

If you’re carefully tracking all things LCD Soundsystem these days, you know that just this morning two more songs joined the list of pre-release leaks from This Is Happening. If you’re really up on it, you’ll notice that the final tracklist for the album doesn’t include “Love In L.A.,” a track James had made point to namecheck during an in-studio interview with MOJO last fall. Lost forevermore? Not in the age of the UtahFM radio show/website LivingEars got a hold of the song in its 12+ minute, single-grooved, keyboard-and-cowbell demo form. Pretty rambling, clearly a demo, lots of spoken word about, well, love in Los Angeles. Can’t say James doesn’t know how to meet expectations with his song titles.

To hear it, click this link, and take it to 7:38 on the streaming player labeled Saturday, April 10.

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  1. Enough about LCD!

  2. Long live LCD!

  3. Waaaaay much better than Drunk Girls. It could be a great step to put this out with the record.

  4. the albums has leaked, and it’s really good

  5. The stream doesn’t seem to be working anymore. Is it available anywhere else? I’d just love to hear what an LCD Soundsystem demo sounds like.

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