Tobacco Press Photo 2010

We brought you “Sweatmother,” the first bit of electronic nastiness (in a good way) from Tobacco’s upcoming Manic Meat LP, and mentioned that other tracks featured one Beck Hansen. Why not? He’s not doing a lot these days. I was wondering if Beck’s contribution would show through Tobacco’s murk, but his work on “Fresh Hex” is obvious. In fact, the way Tobacco cuts up Beck’s verses reminds me of Beck’s older, messier analog albums. Hoping this leads to future work together. I’m also hoping that Beck also contributed the water drip noise on “Fresh Hex.” It’s easier to do than you think.

Maniac Meat is out 5/25 via anticon.

[Photo by the Seven Fields of Aphelion]

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  1. this track is killer, and this album is shaping up to be the best beat heavy album of 2010

  2. Nice! It’s like BMSR on crack! And just as much addicting. Not that I have ever been addicted to crack. But I can only imagine.

  3. so cool. sooooo cooool.

  4. awesome tune, but it reminds you of beck’s earlier albums? wha?

  5. Live show was the weirdest thing ever. I saw them (w/ [reportedly] Beck wearing that damn mask) at Casbah in San Diego. About 10 minutes in the projected visuals turned into a slew of 80s sex scenes and workout pornos combined with continuous chatroulette that seemed to only linger on masturbation. Musically, it was way more dissonent than the stuff released so far, almost to the point of head explosion.

  6. Heh, what do you mean Beck hasn’t been up to much lately? He’s been doing Record Club, he produced Charlotte Gainsbourg and Jamie Lidell’s new albums, and also worked on making the soundtrack for Scott Pilgrim vs the World. I’d say he’s been very busy.

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