Last night, Late Night vets Spoon delivered two Transference tracks to Jimmy Kimmel. Their recent tourmate Bradford Cox sat in on guitar (and guest smiles) for “Who Makes Your Money,” but exited the stage for the “Is Love Forever?” web exclusive. (After the taping, Britt and Bradford made their way to Pomona for Pavement — post TK.) The lineup shift gives you the opportunity to compare Britt Daniel’s guitar-holding vs. guitar-free vocals. That, and Daniel loses one back to lean on.

Transference is out via Merge

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  1. Is it just me or are these guys one of the most over-rated bands around? They occupy a middle ground in indie-dom….songs that aren’t memorable, passable lead vocals and just ok musicianship. I find them really bland.

    • I actually kinda know what you mean, I felt that way a bit after “ga ga ga”. But these guys write some solid tunes and they’re pretty tight in their live shows. they may be at times “middle ground” but they own that middle ground.

    • It’s just you. Spoon is an undeniably great band and Britt Daniel is the coolest man on the planet.

  2. It’s just you. While this song, “Who Makes Your Money,” is not that great, Spoon does have some absolutely fantastic songs. Britt Daniels voice is something that proficiency alone can never deliever, and that is uniqueness, which is far more important while working in the rock idiom–whether it be indie, hard, crack or what have you.

  3. Both these songs are amazing but out of place in a huge outdoor concert setting where Bud Light advertisements are aligned around the stage. That being said, I’m pleasantly surprised at how such a quiet, simple yet layered song managed to translate so well onto national television.

  4. new spoon isn’t very good, but “gimme fiction” and “girls can tell” are fantastic. neat to see them playing with bradford, wish he came out when I saw the two together in boston a few weeks ago.

    wasn’t too impressed w/ the deerhunter set… interested in seeing them again though, only because “microcastle” is such an epic album.

  5. The new album is not one of their best but “Got Nuffin” is a monster of a song and these guys are a fantastic band. Better than most of the other shit Pitchfork is sticking down your throats.

  6. Who Makes Your Money is my favorite track off Transference.

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