The Aussies’ album of unironic cowbell and Brothers Gallagher mugging leaked its way out of UK’s iTunes and into Stereogum’s hands. Gigwise explains (via RS):

In the massive clanger, the Apple run company is thought to have failed to put the setting on ?Pre-Order? mode in the UK.

The mistake meant that people could freely download the album for the digital music store on Saturday, ahead of its October 3 release.

The problem has now been rectified, with the ?Pre-Order? setting now fully functioning.

Heads are surely going to roll.

At your insistence we listened with an open mind. But, while we can’t ask for a refund, we’re petitioning for a return of our time.

RELATED: Speaking of the Gallaghers, bumped into Noel (and girlfriend Sara MacDonald) at Sobaya on E. 9th Street last night. We wanted to ask him about Stop The Clocks, or the Killers, or Liam, but weren’t in the mood for a swift punch to the face. He was in great spirits but, then again, he did have saké in one hand — and Sara in the other.

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  1. Ha, yeah we were at Kasabian last night and the brothers Gallagher were rumored to be upstairs. The pisser about actually having a VIP badge means that we coulda been standing next to them but you can’t see a damn thing. I think they were there, Thom was striking a lot of Jesus poses and we couldn’t help but think of Liam. At least I avoided a punch in the face. I much prefer the David Bowie Webster sightings.

  2. seamus  |   Posted on Sep 21st, 2006 0

    i see the ACDC formula wasn’t working for them so they opted for ripping off Oasis instead…

    i wonder who they will rip off next?

  3. richard  |   Posted on Sep 21st, 2006 0

    Kasabian was awful last night.

    Mew were great, though.

  4. negative cred goes to me for acting in jet’s video for ‘bring it on back’ this past weekend.

    *beats off with self-satisfaction. then cries like a sad clown.

  5. Yeah Mew really saved the night. I don’t know what was up with Kasabian.

  6. negative cred goes to me for acting in jet’s video for ‘bring it on back’ this past weekend.

    *beats off with self-satisfaction. then cries like a sad clown.

  7. tobias funke  |   Posted on Sep 21st, 2006 0


    why does everyone freak out when i say i don’t like dr. dog, but everyone hates jet more than any other band on the planet?

    they’re both blatent con artists.

  8. Leslie  |   Posted on Sep 21st, 2006 0

    I think Dr. Dog sucks, too, if it makes you feel any better.

  9. tjxm  |   Posted on Sep 22nd, 2006 0

    I heard Jet’s latest (U.S.) single the other day. I must say, I’m still not a fan, but at least that shit, and sadly Kasabian too, doesn’t suck hard enough to top that Hinder song as the worst song of 2006. It doesn’t even sound as annoying as that Cute Is What We Aim For song. I’m not even trying to be generous here, because both Kasabian and that Jet song (I can’t say about the other tracks, and I couldn’t even care less) are worse than that new My Chemical Romance song.

    I never even heard of Dr. Dog (and I really don’t have the time to bother checking them out). However, that Mew album is fantastic, albeit not as wonderful as this year’s Define The Great Line or Blood Mountain.

  10. fuck  |   Posted on Feb 24th, 2008 0

    awesome, let’s lie about leaks.

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