The video for their “VCR” had a youthful, romantic storyline, but the xx’s “Islands” strikes a different move, and a different pose, but also kind of the same pose, over and over again. You have to watch until the end to see how the choreography changes and becomes a story in itself, but it’s worth it.

Other xx news: the band’s remixed YACHT’s “The Afterlife” for the single release. It’s a minimalist take on the song, of course. Listen at DFA’s website. The Antlers covered the xx’s “VCR” for WPGU, an interesting choice because Antlers singer Peter Silberman’s voice is sort of the opposite vibe — freely and openly emotional, as opposed to xx’s cool whispers. Listen to their cover, plus live-in-the-studio versions of “Kettering” and “Bear,” here. Also see our Coachella Saturday wrap-up, with Scott’s video of “Crystalised” in the desert.

xx is out now via Young Turks.

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  1. these kids, always setting things on fire.

  2. I am a sucker for videos about love failing, and I find it very awesome how this minimalist band makes a video influenced by a conceptually different type of minimalism. This video reminds me of the Terry Riley or Steve Reich school of minimalism.

  3. so this is like indie rock’s Crank Dat (Soulja Boy)?

  4. i love it! this is my favourite xx song. a very beautiful video to accompany it.

    • Wow…so captivating. And dstar I meant to upvote you, but I guess I don’t know the difference between thumbs up and thumbs down.

      • funny story, in ancient rome, thumbs up actually was the signal to go ahead and kill the gladiator that you had just beaten. thumbs down meant that the defeated gladiator got to live to fight another day. it’s so easy to get things confused between 2000 years ago and right now! [that was a little sarcastic.] but no worries! even if you downvoted me on purpose, i’m pretty much an adult and i can take it.

  5. I really really can’t tell if you people are being facetious.

    This video is so boring to me. I think the video is annoyingly repetitive. And perhaps they used repetition as a cop-out?

    But I don’t think I really like their music that much. I don’t see what everyone else sees in it.

    • I suppose their music requires patience and I haven’t given it the time yet.

      • it’s okay to not like a band! i do it all the time! it took me a minute to get into the xx, but then i listened to them on a loop for about 2 weeks. so perhaps they’ve brainwashed me…

        we don’t all have to like a band just because stereogum says so. also, it seems like the commenter dynamic is so different here from videogum. i have a hard time telling if people are trying to be funny or whatever, too. but i was being totally sincere. i really do love this band and this video. i think they’re just lovely.

      • Let me tell you, it doesn’t get any better. You’ll just be mad at yourself for all the time you wasted trying to find something to like. This has to be the most boring overhyped band around. Seriously people, what is there to get so excited about here? I’ve tried, I bought the record, I saw them play, I’ve given them a chance, and still. BORING.

  6. that’s a seriously good video.

  7. that’s one ugly band

  8. That was awesome.

  9. I hate to say this… but that Music vid was pretty damn good and it’s for the strongest song on the album too.

  10. i think my main problem with this band is that even the band members seem completely bored with their own music.

  11. I would rather subject myself to a full length “Schprockets” movie than see or hear this band again.

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