The Dead Weather - Sea Of Cowards

With “Die By The Drop“’s Floria Sigismondi-directed video in the can, Nashville four-piece superchums the Dead Weather — aka Jack White’s pastime du jour —  are shifting focus to the next single from their forthcoming second-effort, Sea Of Cowards. It’s called “Gasoline,” an organ-laced cut-up fueled by White’s Stripes-y rubbed-raw howls and screeching fretwork. Alison’s given berth to cut Jack’s fire and ire for a moment, but for all its flammable metaphors, Jack makes sense in the driver’s (and drummer’s) seat.

Sea Of Cowards is out 5/11 via Third Man/Warner Bros.
On tour:
04/24 – St. Louis, MO @ The Pageant
04/26 – Lake Buena Vista, Fl @ House Of Blues
04/27 – Birmingham, AL @ WorkPlay Soundstage
04/28 – Memphis, TN @ Minglewood Hall
04/30 – Austin, TX @ Stubb’s Waller Creek Ampitheater
05/01 – Houston, TX @ House Of Blues
05/02 – New Orleans, LA (The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival)

The Dead Weather by Floria Sigismondi

[Photo by Floria Sigismondi]

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  1. I kinda wish this band would go one way or the other. Either commit to a stoner rock thing or go more for a Blues Explosion type sound. This song sounds like a rejected Vanilla Fudge demo fronted by the singer of a Led Zeppelin tribute band. Like the bass part though.

  2. haha, I was about to post meh, then I realised I’d been beaten. Also this track is sung entirely by Alison, so I’m confused by the tweet that led me here…

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    • Like everything Jack White does… also quite like the bands you mention, Black Keys, Radio Moscow… this is music to make squares feel cool. Totally retro retread… plus Jack White is probably the biggest Led Zep rip off in indie rock (not real rock). At least Nickelback make me laugh… on second thought that photo of Dead Weather is LOL funny… seriously quit sucking in your cheeks trying to look cool if you’re gonna dress like such an asshole.

  4. yeah i love the dead weather. I think this track falls into that category where you have a really great band, and you build extremely high expectations for them to progress exponentially. This definately sounds like it could be a Horehound B-Side. Still a great song, just doesn’t feel “new”.

    @Stephen thanks for the introduction to Vanilla Fudge haha

  5. Digging this a whole lot more than most of the stuff on their first album. It really grooves along well and I like the dirt of it all. Booyah Dead Weatheryea.

  6. Ah yes, the old “if you are at all critical of something I like, you should listen to Nickleback” defense. Second only to the “if you don’t like it, why don’t you make your own album/movie/book/blog?!” defense. Internet, don’t ever change.

  7. I love, sounds nothing like Zeppelin, this band has a big future.

  8. I’m not too impressed by this one. The Dead Weather got old fast for me. I’ll be happy when they take a break in August.

  9. I just can’t get behind this band. After listening critically to their first album, it left me with no inclination to buy the record or listen to those songs again. This sounds like more of the same. Maybe it’s the production choices (her vox seem overdriven for cool, not for song, and her “toughness” doesn’t sell), the melodic ideas are boring, and the lyrics are horrible. On the flipside, the rhythm section locks in like a MUG, and JW’s guitar bits are bad ass (although a bit grating and laborious at times). It’s just another vehicle for JW’s guitar grandiosity, and for me it has “fizzle” written all over it.

  10. I am totally digging this. I happen to think that Alison has one of the most sexy and intense voices in the industry. Personally, i think Gasoline and Die By the Drop are both enormous step ups from Horehound, which in and of itself was a really solid album. Behind this 10000%. So excited for Sea of Cowards.

  11. Sounds like a weird parody band. Sometimes I can’t believe they are serious

  12. why do they need to commit to a sound? they are amazing. horehound is awesome, i like the mix of kinds of music. can;t wait to see them next weekend.
    jack white does it again. good choice in collaborators. word.

  13. Jack, aren’t you supposed to be on your sixth band-project by now? Anyways, I’m sure I speak for many when I say we miss Meg a whole bunch.

    • I love this comment. Not sure how many people know this, but I guess she had a kind of quasi-nervous breakdown and can’t get on stage any more. God they were amazing together. I have to hand it to JW.. He’s committed to making music his way, and won’t let anything stop him. He’ll go down as one of the greats.

  14. Rewelacja :) Jack White jest niesamowitym artystą….zero kompromisów i wyznaczanie nowych ścieżek…Każdy projekt jest doskonały….Szacunek :)

  15. Whether you love it, like it, hate it, or in between is a matter of preference, but some of you need to go back and listen to Led Zeppelin again. There have been similarities in some of The Dead Weather’s songs, but not in this one.

    Besides, if we are going talk about musicians ripping other musicians off, Zep would be the archetype.

  16. Bad news for most of you.
    It doesn’t make you any less of a hipster to hate good music.

    I’ve noticed people have the same reaction to MGMT and other bands.
    I don’t know why people always compare musicians to be ripping off other musicians.
    Of course 30 years later there’s going to be some bands that sound alike.

    The Dead Weather is great in my book. There’s not one simple thing about them.
    Sure it maybe better to hear Jack sing a bit on this track but it’s still a great song.

    So stop trying to be cool as fuck and stop hating on music that is actually good.
    It’s not working out for you.
    Either that or go listen to Washed Out or Surfer Blood or some other really cool, awesome, sweet (sarcasm) noise band.

    I mean their obviously doing something right.

    • Chill Logan. Don’t take some people here too seriously, they are only giving their own deserved opinion, that’s all. Not everybody is going to like the same music as everyone else, hey… maybe some of the haters here might end-up liking the full album when it comes out.. who knows? It’s ok to give your opinion but please don’t stereotype people for not agreeing with you.

    • As counterpoint, it sure as hell doesn’t give you any anti-hipster cool to talk shit about hipsters. If you like the music, fine. I don’t like it, so I say my mindful and carefully considered piece and go listen to something else. Your e-grandstanding reeks of post-hipster sad-cat pomp and frankly it’s a fucking useless commentary. 90% of your “review” was ad-hominem attacks to be lost in the void of your mind. Big balls though, telling people to stop trying to be cool as fuck. Clearly you’re inattentive to irony, so to that I must vigorously say: Pot, meet kettle.

      God damn, I just owned you.

  17. Yea this song has got a really cool funky verse and some sick solos. Not their best but I don’t mind them trying a song like this out. Judging from the other new songs that I’ve heard, Sea of Cowards is going to be just as good as HoreHound and HoreHound was freakin awesome!

    batonkatruck – How can you say Allison’s “toughness” doesn’t sell. Just check out her live performances. She is possessed!

    • I haven’t seen her perform live, but this forum is in regards to this track, and more generally, their recorded works. For me, she sounds like she’s faking it on the record hence it doesn’t sell me (I know a lot about girls faking it, not proud of it, just sayin’). I’m not saying she’s being disingenuous, I’m sure she actually is (or was) pissed off about whatever the hell she’s yelling about all the time.. what I AM saying is that I can hear through the toughness on record.

      FWIW, there are recordings of an old band of mine where I was trying convey the anger and violence I felt while writing the song.. but I didn’t really “feel” it in the studio environment, and it definitely showed in the final product.

  18. Logan has it right. A lot of bands sound like Zep, The Beatles, FLoyd, The Stones etc. because those bands laid the groundwork for what we now consider “good” music. im so sick if people hating on music just bc its cool to do.

    If you saw this band live, as i did (their very first show in Nashville) you would understand their draw. Aggressive, in your face, progressive blues rock. For everyone confused about their “sound”, take note.

    PS Congratulations is great, anyone who doesnt think so is obviously a bandwagon fan.

    • Interesting points, though we’re not talking about their live performance. We’re talking about a phonorecord, and (albeit indirectly), whether or not to pay money for it. It is a valuable thing to say, that their live shows are better than their records, but I can’t argue with you there, because I don’t like their records.

      I do agree some people hate on popular stuff just cause they think it’s cool. It’s not. I praise that which I like and criticize that which I don’t, because in this web2.0 era, where everyone has a voice, we have to be careful that comments (and the innate power they have to sway popular opinion) are fair and balanced, and represent an accurate sampling of popular taste. Honesty is nothing to fear.

  19. I don’t get how a band with so many talented members can’t do anything really good. It’s was the same thing on the first album:
    It’s overplayed, pretentious and it overall sounds more like a parody of 70′s great rock tracks than anything else. The singing is more about attitude than real singing, the melodies are boring and dejà vu. Trying too hard to be impressive and fail.

    It’s not working for me. Sorry.

  20. Stop thinking ‘critically’ and ‘judging’
    Listen to the ones who know how to blow your mind.

  21. THose who listen critically might wanna get into the spirit of rock. Led Zeppelin sounded a lot like (insert blues musician here) and art is about inspiration and capturing the moment. Jack White is a master at grabbing the emotions inside himself and the world around him. Next time you find yourself criticizing, think about how little you’re accomplishing by doing so

    • God I love it when people try to invoke some half-cocked definition of art as a justification of their aesthetic taste. Also, are you so unaware that you’re criticizing criticism with criticism? Jesus Christ you people bore me. Thanks for the ignoramus lecture on the “spirit of rock” you tween. In other news, I have never felt one single emotion from any Dead Weather track, ever.

  22. Dead Weather is great

  23. thank god your opinion doesn’t count at all!! but I have to agree ♫ batonkatruck

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