Dominique Young Unique – “War Talk”

By Amrit Singh / April 27, 2010 - 3:04 pm

Dominique was all sass, ass, and age-correcting (she’s 19) at our Range Life party at SXSW a few months ago, today she dropped a new track in our inbox from an upcoming mixtape due in May. It’s a little less on the Yo Majesty/Spank Rock vibe than “Show My Ass,” playing as more of a chugging electro-banger but with another hook built for chanted club action. You’ll find it below, along with a cappella tracks for those ready to do some remixing:

Dominique Young Unique – “War Talk”

The first jam:

Dominique Young Unique – “Show My Ass”

For the remixers:

Dominique Young Unique – “Show My Ass (A Cappella)”

Dominique Young Unique – “War Talk (A Cappella)”